Meetings Information


4th Delegate’s Meeting of the Latrobe Valley 8 Ball Association

is to be held at Turks Bar, Hotham St, Traralgon,

on Tuesday 4th October, 2016.


Meeting Agenda


To all Delegates,

 The Delegates Meeting will commence at 7:30pm, the business to be conducted at this meeting is set out in the Meeting Agenda below. 

 Sign In/Register: 7:15pm

 Chairman: Open meeting 7:30pm.



 Correspondence: Nil


  1. 1.  3rd Delegates Meeting held on Wednesday 24th August, 2016


Committee Reports:

Office Bearers

 President’s Report: Scott Kersten

  1. Committee Members

 Business arising

 Moved & Accepted

 Vice President’s Report: Andrew O’Neill

  1. Moved to General Business

 Business arising

 Moved & Accepted

 Treasurer’s Report: Claire Blackford

  1. Treasurer’s Report 2nd Delegates Meeting

 Business Arising

 Moved & Accepted

 Secretary’s Report: Rosa Payne

  1. Moved to General Business

Business Arising

Moved & Accepted

Ordinary Members

Scorer Report: Paul Pike

  1. Moved to General Business

Moved & Accepted


Publicity Officer’s Report: Gary Helmuth

  1. Moved to General Business

Business Arising

Moved & Accepted


Events Coordinator Report: N/A


General Business:


  1. 1.     Summer Comp divisions, format etc

Around the Committee:

1. Ball Busters

2. Blue Balls

3. Captain Misfits

4. Kaptians Jokers

5. Lenny’s Lads

6. LV Turkeys

7. MC Farcues

8. Morwell Golf Club

9. Morwell RSL Allsorts

10.Morwell RSL Diggers

11.Morwell RSL Hotshots

12.Morwell RSL Lucky Ladies

13.Morwell RSL Reds

14.Morwell RSL Stingers

15.Sam’s Turkey’s

16.Sports Bar

17.Top Pub Blacks


19.Traralgon Bowls Club


21.Turks Bar

22.Turks Breakers

23.Turks Bronx Boyz

24.Turks Guns

25.Turks Jerks

26.Turks Shooters

27.Wild Turkeys


 Sign in book - non-attendance fines:

 Next Meeting: Where and Date.

 Meeting Closed: Time.



Rosa Payne

Mobile: 0417 587 589

Email: admin(at)