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Latrobe Valley 8 Ball Association Inc

Registration No A 0016389 V                         Affiliation Pool Victoria 2000             ABN 53 071 518 494

1st Delegates Meeting of the Latrobe Valley 8 Ball Association held at the Turks Bar on Tuesday the 12th April, 2016.

Chairman: Meeting opened by President Scott Kersten at 7:30pm.  Scott welcomes everyone attending tonight.


Committee of Management

Office Holders – President, Scott Kersten; Vice President, Andrew O’Neill; Treasurer, Claire Blackford; Secretary, Rosa Payne.

Ordinary Members – Scorer, Paul Pike; Publicity Officer, Gary Helmuth (Snaz);

Events Coordinator, Joanne Brown.

Delegates  – Maria Schiavello (Ball Busters), David Rash (Blue Balls), Rick Merlo (Kaptain Jokers), Ben Bailey (Kaptain Misfits), Dave Ferguson (Lenny’s Lads), Daniel Harli (LV Turkeys), Mark Winters (Morwell Central Farcues), Brad Smith (Morwell Golf Club), Alf Shingles (Morwell RSL Allsorts), Wayne Loader (Morwell RSL Diggers),  Adam Skilbeck (MRSL Hotshots), Ann Rockall (Morwell RSL Lucky Ladies), Don McIvor (Morwell RSL Reds), Brendan Cleland (Morwell RSL Stingers), Sam Pearson (Sams Turkeys), Matt Sawyer (Sports Bar), Chris Walsh (TBC), Angels Van Rossum (Turkettes), Tom Gill (Turks Bar), Henry Kolakowski  (Turks Breakers), Jamie Buhagiar (Turks Bronx Boyz), Luke Pallot (Turks Guns), Cody Menzies (Turks Jerks), Steve Halliday (Turks Shooters), Matt Hedt (Tornados), David Buhagiar (Wild Turkeys).

Association Members/Visitors

Angela Wright (Turkettes), Danny Matherson (Turks Guns), Danny McLean (Morwell RSL Allsorts),

Trevor Hough (TBC) and Darren Taylor.

Attendance: 38

Apologies:  Mick Stellini (Turks Shooters).

Correspondence:  None.

Minutes:  No previous minutes.

Around the Committee:  No Committee reports except -

Events Coordinator: Jo Brown talked about the singles comps, all the forms for the events are in your folder and entries will always close the Friday before at 5 o’clock.  So make sure you fill them out and send them to me.

General Business:

Scott passes the meeting over to Andrew O’Neill.

  1. Events Coordinator:  Andrew talked about Jo being the Events Coordinator of our Association and what her job entails.  She will run and organize our events i.e. Singles comps, Finals, Country Cup, Pool Vic events etc.  She will be the head adjudicator on the day.  This is new and important role in our Committee.  Anything to do with that she’s the one to speak to.
  2. Delegate Meetings:  Andrew talked about the Delegates Meetings and what they entail.  It’s like a Committee meeting but it’s not.  What they basically are is meetings that will happen probably 3 times a season with the Committee reporting back to the delegates about what we’ve been up to and where we’re going.  The Association will be ran very much like the Summer Competition concerning the number of meetings and the Committee will present reports, we will still have general business and go around the floor to each team.  So it’s still very similar in the way we conduct a meeting, but it is only a Delegates Meeting not a Committee Meeting.  The next Delegates Meeting will be on the 15th June the Committee will meet on a regular basis in between then.
  3. Introduction to Changes:  This is a meeting to kick start our season, that’s why you’ve got the scorebooks but also it’s to talk about some of the issues were going to have going forward.  For the people who play on a Tuesday night we believe this will not impact on them very much but as for the captain’s they will have a little bit more work to do and responsibility for the season, but most of the work will be done up here with the Committee.  We’re feeling our way going forward and we are going to make a few mistakes and we understand that the captains are going to make a few mistakes.  That’s ok we’ll work through them there will be a bit of give and take with both the captains and Committee, this will go a long way if we’re going to make this season work.  We are still trying to work out the best way to do things so we will have to help each other out.  The key is communication.  If you have any problems please get in contact with the Committee.  Don’t wait till the next meeting give us a call we are available and we will together work through the issues.  I cannot stress this enough it’s new for us and also for you so just talk to us.
  4. New Payment Process:  The two main issues arising this season because of not having monthly meeting, these will be the handing in of the scorecards and payment of match fees and registrations.  The monthly payments are the big issue because of the length of time up to 3 months between meetings, it’s too much money for teams to be holding onto and also some captains spend the money then pay up on the night, but now they won’t have the money because of the amount now needed is so much more, so we are trying to mitigate these sorts of things.  You are still required by the constitution to pay all money within 30 days after becoming due, so when you play round 1 on the 12th April you’ll have 30 days to make payment to the treasurer.  If you’re a little bit late that’s ok were not going to come down on you hard, just again talk to us and we will work through the issue, but if you go between Delegate Meetings then you will have some explaining to do.  We are trying to come up with more modern ways going forward to help you meet your obligations as easy as possible.

1)     Electronic funds transfer:  where you can pay directly into the bank account via smart phone app or internet banking.  This will most likely be the easiest as you can pay as you can pay as often as you like.  When depositing make sure you include your team name (Sports Bar) and what you are paying (Rego’s x 5 or Match Fees 4 rnds).  This will help the treasurer with working out which payment is from who and what for.

2)     Direct deposit:  you can go into any Bank Australia branch and pay directly into the league account, there’s one in Traralgon, Morwell and Moe.  Again please make sure you let the bank teller know what to put in as a reference so the treasurer knows who the payment is from and also you might want to keep hold of the receipt as proof of payment. 

3)     In person: to the Treasurer or on the night at a Delegates Meeting again as long as it’s within 30 days of money owing.  This is still ok but not the preferred method as it would be a lot of money for the treasurer to have on them and we are trying to avoid them carrying around large sums of money. 

Andrew suggested that option 1 and 2 would be the better options and that our members should really try to use them.

  1. Payment Form:  You also have to make sure that you fill out a team payment form whenever you pay money to the Association.  This is so the Treasurer will know when and what the amount that you have deposited into the Association account and what you are paying for.  A payment could be for registrations, match fees, team fine or a combination of them.  After you fill out a payment form you can email it to the league, give it to or text it to the Treasurer or put in one of the drop boxes located at 3 venues.  There are payment forms in the scorebook on page 11 and they are available to download from the website.  We are working on an online form that can be filled out on the website and is then emailed straight to the lveba.  I will also put a folder behind each of those three venues containing these forms and as well as transfer forms.  Rosa has on her person tonight enough forms for each team so you can see her after the meeting to collect them.  David Buhagiar raised the idea of leaving a sealed envelope behind the bar with money and payment form? Scott said that more problems can happen with that concerning the amount people pay to the amount in the sealed envelope things can happen.  Andrew said its double handling and that we’d rather stick to the three ideas which should be more than enough options for teams.
  2. Drop Boxes:  There are 3 drop boxes and they are located at Turks Bar, Kaptain 8 Ball and also the Morwell RSL, though for the moment the drop box for the Morwell RSL will be located at the Top Pub until further notice.  Under NO circumstances is there to be any money put in any of the drop boxes, scorecards, payment or registration forms only. 
  3. Morwell RSL:  Brendan Cleland brought up how the Morwell RSL is invoiced for their match fees.  This is something we would like to move away from as we would really like everyone to be doing the same thing, but for the moment we will still invoice them for their match fees.  But as for the registration fees each team at the Morwell RSL will still have to pay them themselves and therefore they still need to fill out a registration form for new members and a team payment form for this.  Don McIvor asked to confirm the registration amount that’s $7 for Pool Victoria and $5 for LV8BA. Yes that’s correct a total of $12 for registration.
  4. Contacting Committee:  I have updated all our details on the website so if you have any issues jump on the website click on the contact us tab, there you’ll find our contact details.  For all issues you should direct them to Scott or me unless it’s a specific matter like money then the Treasurer, or scoring then the Scorer.  If you have any issues please contact us, make an effort and we will make twice the effort.
  5. Scorebooks & Scorecards:  Andrew went through the scorebook and explained to the members each section which included sponsorship list, draws, calendar, and venues listed with their address and contact details that also include the teams out of each venue; information page on some of the basics also singles competition entry forms and the playing rules.  Scorecards must be completely filled out with the team names and player’s names, dates and home/away crossed or circled.  You must complete each form properly; we’ve had too many issues over the Summer Competition with teams not completing scorecards properly.  Can we ask you again to take a photo and send it through to the scorer as this is very helpful to him when it comes to ladder and rankings, it just makes it so much easier for him especially now with the 3 month gap between meetings.  If you are unable to do this again communicate to Paul and he will work something out with you.  Remember you also have three drop boxes that you can use, when they’re put in there they are officially handed in.  You have three months’ worth of scorecards on you that potentially is a lot of point/fines you could lose.  If you do use the drop boxes you still have to get the results to the Scorer by midday on the Wednesday after each match.  Again if you have any issues please talk to the Scorer his number is there give him a call and let him know you have an issue.
  6. Sign in Book:  The Committee is now up here with the seven of us and not with the teams anymore, so you now don’t have to have two representative team members sign in any more.  All you need is one person preferably the captain from each team come and sign the book under their team name.  If there is more than one team member present they can sign the members section, anyone who is present at a meeting of this Association must sign the sign in book but any member can sign in for their team at a Delegates Meeting.
  7. New Membership Forms:  Again they’re in the book and Rosa has copies with her, you can also download a copy from our website.  You must complete the form and submit it to the Secretary Rosa, use the drop box or mail it to the Association.  Rick Merlo asked how long you have to hand in a membership form to the Secretary.  Andrew said I’d be handing them in immediately but I’m telling you technically by the Constitution you have to hand them in before you play a new player and also get approval from the Committee.  Now we know most teams won’t do that but if you’re not sure about someone then I’d be contacting us first.  The question was asked what’s classed as a new member.  By the Constitution anyone who is a member has 30 days from the Annual General Meeting to renew their membership, if not they cease to become a member of the Association.  As a new member once you’ve played your first game you have 30 days to pay your membership or else you will cease to be a member of this Association.  And that goes with any payment owing you have 30 days to pay.  Dave Buhagiar asked what if someone wanted to change teams.  You still have to complete a transfer form and submit that to the Secretary.  I will get a form online that you can download and also there will be forms in the folder behind those 3 venues bars.  You can only do that up to half way through a season so that will be round 9.  In the Winter Competition you must complete a clearance form to transfer to another team, the Summer Competition is different with the first 3 games you play; don’t get caught out with this.  See rule 7 in the Constitution for the step process to become a member of this Association which is available on our website.  Again if you have any issues please contact us I cannot say this enough, don’t think don’t presume just contact us and find out for sure.
  8. Draws:  Will be up on the website and I’ll try and get an A3 one with all three draws on it to each venue with the calendar also.

The meeting was handed back to the President Scott Kersten.

Around the Teams:

  1. Ball Busters
  2. Blue Balls
  3. Captain Misfits
  4. Kaptain Jokers
  5. Lenny’s Lads
  6. LV Turkeys
  7. MC Farcues
  8. Morwell Golf Club
  9. Morwell RSL Allsorts
  10. Morwell RSL Diggers
  11. Morwell RSL Hotshots
  12. Morwell RSL Lucky Ladies
  13. Morwell RSL Reds
  14. Morwell RSL Stingers
  15. Sam’s Turkey’s
  16. Sports Bar
  17. Top Pub Blacks
  18. Tornados
  19. Traralgon Bowls Club
  20. Turkettes
  21. Turks Bar
  22. Turks Breakers
  23. Turks Bronx Boyz
  24. Turks Guns
  25. Turks Jerks
  26. Turks Shooters
  27. Wild Turkeys - gobble gobble!

No questions from the teams.

Association members & visitors:

  1. Angela Wright (Turkettes), Danny Matherson (Turks Guns) and Darren Taylor.

No questions

Non-attendance fines (Sign in book):  None.

Next Delegates Meeting:

  1. Date: Wednesday 15th June, 2016.
  2. Venue: Morwell Golf Club.

Meeting Closed:  The President Scott Kersten thanked everyone who attended the meeting and to Budgie for the use of the venue.

  1. Time: 8.16pm.
  2. Duration: 46min & 58sec.

Regards Rosa Payne

Secretary LVEBA

Mobile: 0417 587 589

Email: admin(at)


Latrobe Valley 8 Ball Association Inc

Registration No A 0016389 V                         Affiliation Pool Victoria 2000             ABN 53 071 518 494

2nd Delegates Meeting of the Latrobe Valley 8 Ball Association held at the Morwell Golf Club on Wednesday the 15th June, 2016.

Chairman: Meeting opened by President Scott Kersten at 7:39pm.  Scott welcomes everyone attending tonight.


Committee of Management

Office Holders – President, Scott Kersten; Vice President, Andrew O’Neill; Treasurer, Claire Blackford; Secretary, Rosa Payne.

Ordinary Members – Scorer, Paul Pike; Publicity Officer, Gary Helmuth (Snaz);

Events Coordinator, Joanne Brown.

Delegates  – Maria Schiavello (Ball Busters), Jay Langstaff (Blue Balls), Rick Merlo (Kaptain Jokers), Ben Bailey (Kaptain Misfits), Dave Ferguson (Lenny’s Lads), Daniel Harli (LV Turkeys), Mark Winters (Morwell Central Farcues), Brad Smith (Morwell Golf Club), Daniel Tabone (Morwell RSL Allsorts), Wayne Loader (Morwell RSL Diggers),  Adam Skilbeck (MRSL Hotshots), Ann Rockall (Morwell RSL Lucky Ladies), Don McIvor (Morwell RSL Reds), Brendan Cleland (Morwell RSL Stingers), Apology (Sam’s Turkeys), Matt Sawyer (Sports Bar), Trevor Hough (T.B.C), President (Top Pub Blacks), Angela Wright (Turkettes), Tom Gill (Turks Bar), Henry Kolakowski  (Turks Breakers), Jamie Buhagiar (Turks Bronx Boyz), Luke Pallot (Turks Guns), Cody Menzies (Turks Jerks), Steve Halliday (Turks Shooters), Matt Hedt (Tornados), Peter Simpson (Wild Turkeys).

Association Members/Visitors

Ashley Brand (Turks Bronx Boyz), Angels Van Rossum (Turkettes) & Alf Shingles (Morwell RSL Allsorts).

Attendance: 35

Apologies:  Andy Kersten (Top Pub Blacks), Steve Gray (Turks Bar), Sam Pearson (Sam’s Turkeys).

Correspondence:  None.


  1. LV8BA Winter Competition 2016 1st Delegates Meeting 12th Apr 2016.  Unfortunately the minutes for this meeting are not ready. Moved to the next Delegates Meeting.

Around the Committee:


  1. Report:  Scott welcome everyone, I'd like to thank everyone for their attendance tonight.  The 2016 winter competition has started off great, with some very close results.  Firstly I'd like to get a few congratulations out of the way.  All 21 players from Country Cup.  All the ladies that competed in our women's singles especially the finalists.  The all players that competed in the state team tryouts.  Steven Halliday and Paul Pike for competing in the Western National.  And last but not least Steve Gray for representing Australia in the world titles over the next couple of weeks.  And to anyone else I have forgotten. 

But as with every good news there is always some bad.  I don't want to dwell on these negative issues but it is important that not only the people in this room but also the fellow members of the association.  The has been a lot of negativity towards the Association and its members on social media, I must remind all our members of this policy and the action the Association are expected to take if someone breaches this policy.  I am now reading a section from our Social Media policy.

If detected, a breach of this policy may result in disciplinary action from Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association.  A breach of this policy may also amount to breaches of other Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association policies.  This may involve a verbal or written warning, monetary fines or suspension in accordance with Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association’s disciplinary regulations.

I can't stress this issue enough, again this sort of negative, trouble making approach to our friendly pool environment will not be tolerated in this league we are an amateur sporting Association and we are all here to above all else have fun.  With having fun in mind there has been at least one case that I'm aware of already this season of members using the rules in an unsportsman like manner... I'm not going to go into this issue; I'd just like you to remember that we are all here for the same reason and a simple question to yourself of - how would I like that happening to me?  May be just enough save an altercation and even save some paperwork for the committee.  That is something I'm sure everyone here on the front bench would enjoy. 

Another big thing happening for the Association this year is our 40th Annual Presentation Ball, I'm hoping this will be a huge night for everyone in the league and I would like all members to attend if possible.  This event will be held at Premier Function Center on the 10th of September.  Further details of this event will be passed on to members within the coming weeks. 

I would also like to reveal our biggest singles event this year will be held at Kaptain 8 Ball, this is a new venue for this event in the hope to grow the league further, I thank Kirk and the team at Kaptain for their support and I hope everyone will enjoy this event.  I would also like to thank Budgie and Lynn from Turks for hosting the ladies and mixed division singles.

Business Arising:

  1. Peter Simpson spoke about an issue with one of the tables when he played Sam’s Turkeys there a few weeks ago and that is the cushions (rails) on one side of the table bounced different when compared to the other side. He said you can’t expect us to play on tables that aren’t up to scratch as far as I’m concerned.  You’ll have to go down there and get him to replace the cushions, go down yourself and try it; even Sam’s Turkeys will tell you that that’s what the table does.  Scott said he will go down there and talk to Kirk and make sure not only that but everything’s going to be up to standard on the day.
  2. Peter Simpson also asked another question as to why we are having the singles event down there when they only have 3 teams in our Association.  Scott replied saying that they actually have 5 teams in our Association, the idea of putting it down there was to generate some more teams to come across and play, basically grow our league as big as possible as we’ve actually lost teams from the previous seasons.  We are hoping to get the numbers back up and we think this is a step in the right direction.
  3. Peter Simpson also stated that they have a Traralgon league playing out of there and that there in competition against us.  Andrew said look I know there’s been a fair bit of talk about the tables down there but it doesn’t matter where you go, you can go up to Turks and there not perfect either but if that’s an issue what you’re saying about the table then we’ll go and talk to Kirk about it, not a problem.  Andrew said there’s bigger things here and our purpose is to promote the games of eight ball, that our purpose in our Constitution.  Another venue has opened up the idea is to rotate these events around so next year the open will be back up at Turks Bar and women’s and mixed will go to Kaptain 8 Ball, rotating it to keep it fair to both venues.  The tables still need to be up to a competitive standard so that will be the end of that issue.  Peter Simpson disagreed saying that the tables should be up to scratch, leveled with proper cushions and last year we had to stop one of the finals down there because there was a lump underneath the cloth and also people couldn’t get in the area to watch the games because there’s no room there.  Andrew said that both venues have issues with room and I have told Kirk that the finals will have to be played on the other two tables where people can actually get round.  We’ll sort finals out when we get to it.  They’re a venue and they are within their rights to put their hand up and ask to have finals played down there.  Peter Simpson asked why can’t the Morwell RSL hold finals.  I’ve spoken to Alf Shingles about the Morwell RSL and having finals or other competitions there in which they can, but I’d prefer to try and support the private venues and help them out because at the end of the day they rely on us for support.  As with the Wednesday night comp that Kirk has been running, I’m not too concerned about it at the moment, there are some players from our league and a lot of new players who are taking up the game for the first time.  I don’t see it as a threat, they’re not an association or incorporation yet, it’s his own in house competition we can’t stop him from doing that.  If you’re up at Turks Bar on a Tuesday night with all 6 tables being played on, if you go and stand in a corner and have a good look around, besides the fact there’s a heap of games of pool going on, have a look at the social aspect that’s happening there.  So if you want to look to the future if we can replicate what’s happening down there at that venue how much better is that going to be for the league and for pool in general.  It would be huge; I’m looking long term and seeing what we can possibly achieve as a league.  When you look at the Morwell RSL they’ve just put a third table in there and it’s already full, if a venue opened up in Morwell with 6 tables I think we’d fill that pretty quick.  The game is moving on from a pub based venue to a multiple table based venues, this is where the league is really going to grow with venues like these.  Peter Simpson asked does the Morwell RSL still sponsor us and does Kaptain 8 Ball sponsor us.  Andrew said that both venues sponsor the league.  Now talking about sponsorship people are saying Kaptain 8 Ball are only sponsoring the league $300 and Turks are sponsoring $500 so why aren’t we having it at Turks.  We have two venues that can hold this event, I’m very happy with the amount Turks Bar and Kaptain 8 Ball are sponsoring us, you can look at these figures any way you like for instance, Turks Bar have 11 teams so that’s just under $50 a side for sponsorship, whereas Kaptain 8 Ball has 5 teams so that’s just over $50 a side.  If he got more teams out of his venue then maybe we could look at this, but I’m not going to put venue against venue when it comes to sponsorship and I’m not going to allow venues to use sponsorship to influence us either, it’s not good business to do so by either party.  Peter Simpson reiterated that the tables need to up to scratch for competitive pool to be played on them.  Dave Ferguson stated that he didn’t want to see what we’ve got happening at Turks with the atmosphere and all, I don’t want to do it at the cost of what we’ve already got.  Scott said that the idea is not to take anything away from Turks but to grow it somewhere else as well.  Allan Greenwood said that it’s great another venue has opened up, it’s created more interest in the game, and I’d like to see all the venues looked after including the Morwell RSL.  We need to support all the venues, I’m all for it, share it around.

Vice President:

  1. Bye - Divisions 1, 2 & 3: If you have a bye coming up have a look at another division and their bye, and you may be able to set up a game with them on that night as there are a few spare tables floating round.


  1. Treasurer’s Report:

    Open Balance: 13th April, 2016 $14,192.53

    Closing Balance: 15th June, 2016 $16,424.90

    Have had a bit of money go out at the start of the season with expenses such as score books, drop boxes and stationary etc. We had $2,100 come out for player reimbursement and team entries for the Country Cup.  Sponsorship so far we’ve had $800 come in with more to come as Snaz is still out there trying to get more sponsorship for us.
  2. Payment Forms:  I’m really pleased with how this new process payment is going and thank the teams who have made payments and that are up to date and have sent or given me their payment forms, as this makes my job a lot easier. Some payments have both registrations and match fees in them, so the payment forms are important so that I can work out what the payments are for, so please do a payment form for every payment you make, that would be great.  There are a number of teams who have been doing really well.  All the forms that you need are behind the main bars (Turks, K8B and Top Pub) so just ask for the folder from behind the bar and as well as they’re on the website to.
  3. Registrations:Every single team has made their initial registration payments which is fantastic.  There are a few that are still owing 1 registration, those teams are:

    1)     Turks Bar

    2)     Turks Breakers

    3)     Kaptain Misfits

  4. Match Fees: There are only 3 teams that are overdue at the moment.  Once you’re overdue for any payment for more than 30 days you become unfinancial, if you don’t know what that means for your team I’d really recommend you look that up because it is your responsibility as the captain of your team to keep your payments up to date.  If your team does become unfinancial you will lose all your points and receive a 15-0 score, it’s a long time between meetings so do not wait until then to make your payments.  Most people have made payments by going into the bank, by internet transfer, they’ve given money to me all that stuffs good but you cannot wait until the next meeting.  If an opposition team asks us if a team they are playing is financial or not then we have to tell them, then they can win all the points for that night because you’re unfinancial.  So keep track of your payments and remember after each round you have 30 days to make payment, try and remember that.  You need to be paid up to round 5 as of today’s date, those teams that are overdue are:

1)     Kaptain Misfits

2)     LV Turkeys

3)     Top Pub Blacks

The President Scott Kersten is on the bank account website now to get the Top Pub Black match fees up to date.  The other 2 teams to catch up with me at the end of the meeting to sort it all out.

Moved: Rick Merlo

Sec: Brendan Cleland



  1. New Memberships:  Still need some registration forms from the following teams

1)     Turks Shooters

2)     Turks Breakers

3)     Morwell RSL Reds

4)     Turks Jerks

5)     Turks Bronx Boyz


  1. Scorecards:People have been good sending the score pictures in but I am missing some scorecards

    1)     LV Turkeys

    2)     Turks Jerks

    3)     Turks Breakers

    4)     Lucky Ladies

    5)     Lenny’s Lads

    Some issues with the drop boxes that the Committee need to improve on as some cards from the team mentioned have their cards still in the drop boxes.  Dave Ferguson from Lenny’s Lads team has left his in the car with the missus.  Needs to keep tabs on her as knows not her whereabouts!

    Note:  For everyone to remember it’s a loss of points for each home team scorecard up to the first 3 and a $10 fine for the rest after that including each away scorecard.

  2. Results: Got copies of the ladders if anyone wants one but they are also on the website.

Publicity Member:

  1. Sponsorship:  Been out to get more sponsors, picked up some new ones:

1)     Brasko's Quality Meats

2)     Steve Thompson Automotive

3)     Sam’s Amusements

4)     Bandag Tyres

5)     FC Auto Repairs

Have also lost a few this year, the LV Hotel being one of them.   Have to chase up some new ones tomorrow as some have told us to come back, also have got some from last year coming back on board again to.  The sponsorship packages are good.

  1. Shirt Sponsorship:  Allan Greenwood spoke to the company yesterday who was to sponsor the shirts and did not, he still didn’t want to know about us.  Peter Simpson spoke about getting something signed when it comes to sponsorship over a number of years.  Daniel Tabone (Gippsland Baked Potatoes) said put me down for a gold package.  Allan Greenwood said if anyone knows anyone that might sponsor come and see us and don’t forget to use them as it makes it hard for us to sell it if you don’t use them.

Events Coordinator: 41.50m

  1. Ladies Singles:  Sunday 15th May we had the Ladies singles at Turks Bar in which we had 16 runners, thanks to Lyn and Budgie for their hospitality and for putting on the food for all of us.  Alison White smashed me in the final.
  2. Country Cup:  Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th May it was held in Orbost this year. Results were:Final: Latrobe Valley 1 defeating West Gippsland4 frames – 3 framesPlayer of the Carnival: Steve GrayAll-Stars Team:  1) Steve Gray2) Mick Stellini3) Kenny Krieger4) Alf Shingles5) Danny McLean.Next year the Country Cup will be held in Sale.
  3. Mixed Division Singles:  Sunday 19th June at Turks Bar starting at 10am, venue opens at 9am and dress code rule applies.  Entries close on Friday at 5pm so Facebook me, ring me or hand in your entry form tonight.  31 entries so far and Scott has the perpetual trophy.
  4. Open Singles Qualifying:  Tuesday 12th of July is when the qualifying will be played, entries close on 5pm on the 6th of July because the Committee will be doing the draw that night.  The last 32 will be at K8B on Sunday 17th of July starting at 10am and dress code rule applies for the Sunday only.
  5. World Championship:  Saturday 18th June starts the singles with Steve Gray playing two matches on the Saturday and if he wins his first match he’ll be playing the guy he beat in last year’s final.  Check out the ABM Facebook or the World 8 Ball Federation website for updates and I’m sure Pikey will have posts up.
  6. State Team Semi Finals:  Saturday 9thJuly at Bar 8 well done to:

    1)     Paul Pike

    2)     Steve Halliday

    3)     Chris Johnson

    4)     Mick Green

    for making the men’s and I’ll be playing in the ladies.

  7. Pool Vic Carnival:  Sunday 3rd July at Bar 8 9am start.  Scott and Pikey are organizing teams from Latrobe and the bus and anyone who wishes to play in that which is a great day can they contact either of them.
  8. State Master: Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th August also at Bar 8.  So anyone over 50 as of the 1stof August and wishes to play in it can contact myself or through the Pool Vic website.

    General Business:

    1. Annual Presentation Ball:  10th September at the Premier Function Centre in Traralgon we will get forms out to teams to fill out for numbers between now and the next Delegates meeting.
    2. Text Messages:  Rosa asked is everyone happy to receive a text message rather than an email.  A resounding yes from the members.
    3. Table Iron:  The Pool Iron that was kept here at the Morwell Golf Club will now be kept at the Top Pub, so if anyone wants to borrow it it’s there, there’ll be a form to fill out so they can contact me.  Andrew said we are still missing the one out of the Italian Club in Morwell.
    4. LV8BA Shirts:  Peter Simpson asked about the shirts and that no one has heard anything, I’ve heard nothing about them if you’re still selling them and where you can get them.  It’s no point holding onto them.

    Scott replied that you can come and see us the Committee as they’re still for sale, if anyone wants to buy some, maybe we need to put something on the website about the shirts to get it out there.  Teams do use them as team shirts which is a good idea we always seem to sell a few around finals and the singles events.  Cost $15 a shirt.

    Around the Teams:

    1. Ball Busters
    2. Blue Balls
    3. Kaptain Misfits
    4. Kaptain Jokers: Rick Merlo

    1)     Umpiring:  Had a situation a few weeks ago on Tuesday night with a call being made for a time foul before the start of the game when the person wasn’t even in the room.  He’d gone out for a smoke after umpiring the game before and told them what he was doing.  It’s the worst bit of sportsmanship I’ve ever seen in this pool league.  I believe the team was using the rules to their advantage and there’s no way they would have tried that in division 1.  Scott said the Committee has already dealt with this issue and said that people need to be more patient on the night and people need to communicate clearly with each other.  People need to be mindful of this sort of thing in the future and also need to think would I like this to happen to me, remember we’re all here for a bit of fun.

    2)     Country Cup:  Its always been stated that no 2nd division players are to be picked to go away for the Country Cup, we look at 1st division first and only then do we look at 2nd division.  So why were 2nd division players picked when there were 1st division players not asked who were available?  Scott said that the players in question had previously played in division 1 and at that stage they had no division 2 stats, it has been done in the past where we’ve used division 2 players, we do try and use the division 1 player and do try to encourage players to play in division 1.  Steve Haliday said that he regarded them as division 1 players because there are restrictions on them playing in division 2.  Paul Pike said that he’s been on the selection committee for years as the scorer and there’s nothing in our rules saying that we can’t take division 3 players even.  It’s just a general consensus of the 5 selection members we take everything into account.  Rick Merlo asked then why were players in division 1 with better stats who were available not even asked?  Scott said that that just comes down to the stats and their opinion on who is better or worse.  It’s the collective opinion of the selection committee that we go by.

    Allan Greenwood said that I’ve been on the selection committee before and that it’s a difficult job to do as there are so many to choose from and people will always say that you got it wrong.  Dave Ferguson said that not everyone can agree on a team but we’ve done alright because we’ve been pretty successful over the years.  Steve Haliday said that you have 5 people on the selection committee going into that meeting picking teams, every single one of them have a different opinion, you’re never going to please everyone.

    1. Lenny’s Lads:  Dave Ferguson

    1)     Scorecards:  Girlfriends on the way with the scorecards just need to drag this meeting out a couple of minutes.  Have another thing to bring up…

    Andrew informed everyone about the By-Laws concerning scorecards that they must be in by the end of this meeting and that the loss of points and fines can happen which will send your season down the gurgler pretty quickly.

    1. LV Turkeys
    2. MC Farcues
    3. Morwell Golf Club
    4. Morwell RSL Allsorts
    5. Morwell RSL Diggers
    6. Morwell RSL Hotshots
    7. Morwell RSL Lucky Ladies
    8. Morwell RSL Reds
    9. Morwell RSL Stingers
    10. Sam’s Turkey’s: Apology
    11. Sports Bar
    12. Top Pub Blacks:  Scott Kersten

    1)     Umpiring:  Had an issue on Tuesday night people need to be aware that when someone’s umpiring a game whether you agree with the call on the night you can ask for a second opinion, but at the end of the day it’s the umpire’s call that’s what they’re there for.  His call is final but if you’re that unhappy I do believe that you have the right as a player to ask for another umpire.  Issues from various members about umpiring that have occurred around the tables were discussed at length.  New players need to learn the rules and can be helped out during the game, please inform the opposition player/captain before the game that the umpire is learning the rules.

    1. Tornados
    2. Traralgon Bowls Club
    3. Turkettes
    4. Turks Bar:  Tom Gill

    1)     Payment Forms:  Asked if we could get the forms to be filled out on the website instead of been just able to download a form.

    Scott said that’s being worked on.

    1. Turks Breakers
    2. Turks Bronx Boyz
    3. Turks Guns
    4. Turks Jerks
    5. Turks Shooters
    6. Wild Turkeys: Peter Simpson

    1)     Umpiring:  We had an incident the other week where a player’s game was up but he asked to go out for a smoke first before he played his game, we said no.  If he wanted to go to the toilet then that would have been fine, when your game is up you should be ready to play.

    Scott said that when it comes to the sign in book it’s not really good enough that people just come and sign the sign in book and leave, there’s no rule that say the captain is the only person who can come to these meetings, you can send anyone from your team.  There’s people who aren’t here who aren’t going to know what we’ve been talking about; we do rely on you here getting back to your team to pass on the information discussed at the meeting.  Maybe a second roll call at the end of the meeting?

    Association Members & Visitors:

    1. Ashley Brand (Turks Bronx Boyz)
    2. Angels Van Rossum (Turkettes)
    3. Alf Shingles (Morwell RSL Allsorts):  Spoke about an idea of having a break in the season on a Tuesday night to have a meeting.  Didn’t get much support for this idea as it will put too much pressure on the calendar in regards to the length of the season.

    Non-Attendance Fines (Sign in book):

    1. Sam’s Turkeys: Non-Attendance $10.
    2. Kaptain Misfits: No communication of scores from Tuesday night $10.

    Next Delegates Meeting:

    1. Date: Wednesday 24th August, 2016.
    2. Venue: Turks Bar.

    Meeting Closed:  The President Scott Kersten thanked everyone who attended the meeting and to Budgie for the use of the venue.

    1. Time: 8.54pm.
    2. Duration: 1hr 14min & 28sec.

    Regards Rosa Payne

    Secretary LVEBA

    Mobile: 0417 587 589

    Email: admin(at)