2nd Committee Meeting of the Latrobe Valley 8 Ball Association held at the

LV Hotel on Wednesday the June 3, 2015.


Chairman: Meeting opened by President Scott Kersten at 7:03pm.


Attendance: Quorum met in accordance with Constitution Rule 25. 1 (Pg. 15).

Committee of Management

Office Holders – President Scott Kersten, Secretary Claire Blackford, Treasurer Rosa Payne, Scorer Paul Pike, and Publicity Officer Allan Greenwood.

Ordinary Committee Members – Maria Schiavello and Deb Nicklen (Ball Busters), Janet Hedt (Cobras), Jenny Dawson (Falling Angels), Jay Langstaff (Good Old Boys), Lyn Bock and Ted Norton (Grand Junction Hotel), Rick Merlo (Kaptain Jokers), Ben Bailey (Kaptain Misfits), Jamie Buhagiar (Kickin Chickens), Dave Ferguson (Lenny’s Lads), Jason McHale and Daniel Harli (LV Jokers), Eric Newman (LV Madmen), Mark Winters and John Humphreys (Morwell Central Farques), Ange Van Rossum (Morwell Central Misfits), Rosa Payne (Morwell Golf Club), Alf Shingles (Morwell RSL Allsorts), Wayne Loader (Morwell RSL Diggers), Don McIvor (Morwell RSL Reds), Adam Skilbeck (MRSL Uglii’s), Steve Cook (Ryan’s Hotel), Andy Kersten (Top Pub Blacks), Greg McRonald (Traralgon Bowls Club), Tom Gill (Turks Bar), Henry Kolakowski  (Turks Breakers), Luke Pallot and Shannon Russell (Turks Guns), David Buhagiar and Peter Simpson (Wild Turkeys).

Association Members/visitors


Attendance: 37


Apologies: Shane Stewart (Morwell RSL Diggers), Rod Chapman (Kaptain Jokers), Vice President Jo Brown and Shane Vogt (Grand Junction Hotel Blacks), Mick Stellini and Steve Halliday (Turks Shooters), Paul Lewis (Average Joes), Matt Sawyer (Sports Bar), and Sam Pearson (Sam’s Turkeys).


Correspondence: None.



1.      LVEBA Winter Competition 2014 Annual General Meeting Minutes.
2.      LVEBA Winter Competition 2014 5 Committee Meeting Minutes September 3, 2014.
3.      LVEBA Winter Competition 2015 1 Committee Meeting Minutes May 6, 2015.

President Scott Kersten advised we are still waiting on minutes from the 2014 AGM and the 5th Committee Meeting of 2014 and therefore are not able to pass them at this time.  This will be attempted at the next meeting.

Scott asked if there was any business arising from the 1st Committee Meeting 2015 minutes, none noted.  Scott asked for these minutes to be passed.

              Moved: Ted Norton

                       Seconded: Jason McHale

                       - Carried -

 Around the Executive:

President’s Report.

Scott Kersten read out the President’s Report (see attached).  Scott advised of non-attendance fines from the 1st Committee Meeting of 2015 of $10 per team: Kaptain Strikers, Kickin Chickens, MC Misfits, Falling Angels, Grand Junction Hotel, and Turks Guns.  Scott informed that if teams attended this meeting but did not sign the sign in sheet they will incur a fine however any team can apply for a fine to be waived at this meeting and it will need to be voted on.

Scott advised of penalties imposed from not handing in scoresheets at the 1st Committee Meeting of 2015 [as per the LVEBA By-Laws. Rules of Competition. Section 9 (c)]: Kaptain Strikers incur a penalty of loss of 2 premiership points and a $20 fine.

Scott asked for the President’s Report to be passed.

              Moved: Dave Ferguson

                       Seconded: Rick Merlo

                       - Carried -


Vice President’s Report.


 Treasurer’s Report.

1.      Account balance and running sheet.

Treasurer Rosa Payne advised the current balance of the bank account is $15,817.67.  See attached running sheet for more information.

2.      Unfinancial teams.

All teams who have incurred a fine at the last meeting or this meeting are required to pay their fines by the end of this meeting or they are considered to be “unfinancial”. 

3.      League shirts.

Rosa informed the league shirts have arrived; Ash Vogt will be delivering them to the league very soon.

Moved: Ted Norton

Seconded: Deb Nicklen

- Carried -

 Secretary’s Report.

Claire Blackford thanked everyone for handing in their registration forms at the previous meeting; most were completely filled in so that’s great.  Some teams have some missing information, they are: Average Joes, Cobras, Falling Angels, Kaptain Jokers, Kaptain Strikers, Kickin Chickens, LV Madmen, Morwell Golf Club, and Traralgon Bowls Club.  Claire asked for those teams to provide the details needed by the end of this meeting.

President Scott Kersten advised it is a legal requirement for the Secretary to keep a list of member’s details including address and phone number so if they are not provided by the next meeting fines will be enforced.

Moved: Maria Schiavello

Seconded: Ben Bailey

- Carried -

 Scorer’s Report.

Scorer Paul Pike advised he received a message from Kaptain Strikers who informed they will not be attending the meeting and therefore will not hand in scorecards as required.
Paul also advised there is a missing scoresheet for Traralgon Bowls Club for round 7 only.

Moved: Ted Norton

Seconded: Tom Gill

- Carried -


Publicity Officer’s Report.

Publicity Officer Allan Greenwood informed he has not approached any businesses as yet as the website agreement has not been sorted out yet and he is not willing to go ahead with any sponsorship until it has been sorted out.  This is because last year some businesses went ahead and sponsored the league and were never recognized on the website.

President Scott Kersten informed that was his fault as he had arranged a meeting with Wayne Van Heerewaarden however he was called into work so this meeting never occurred.  Scott will arrange another meeting with Wayne very soon.

Moved: Deb Nicklen

Seconded: Maria Schiavello

- Carried -


General Business:

1.      Singles Competition for Divisions 2, 3 and 4.

President Scott Kersten informed this comp will be played on Sunday July 12, 2015 at Turks Bar.  All Captains of teams in these divisions are required to provide the names of all players wishing to compete, to Scott 2 weeks prior to this date.  The comp will start at 10am sharp on this day.

2.      Ladies Singles Competition.

Scott informed this comp will be held on Sunday July 26, 2015 at Kaptain 8 ball.  Again all members wishing to compete in this event are required to provide their names to Scott 2 weeks prior to the comp.  This comp will also start at 10am sharp.

3.      Finals venues. 

Scott informed that Kaptain 8 Ball have made a decision to sponsor the league for $500, on the grounds that they receive the same number of events held at their venue, as Turks Bar who also sponsor the league $500.  Scott stated this seems fair so the Executive Committee have come up with a proposal to hold the 1st and 2nd semi finals on August 4 and 5 at Kaptain 8 Ball, and for the remaining finals to be held at Turks Bar.

Scott asked for comments for or against this proposal.  Tom Gill put forward that Turks Bar have been the biggest influence on the league in recent years and has helped the league grow substantially.  Scott stated the league is very thankful to Turks Bar for this, and the hope is this new venue will be able to provide the same support and growth for the league.

A concern was raised about Kaptain 8 Ball not being a venue that is friendly for spectators ie not a lot of room for people to watch the games.  Some discussion occurred about how to address this issue, Scott will talk to Kirk about the possibility of moving 1 of the tables that won’t be required, to allow for more room if the semi finals are to be held there.  A motion was put forward to hold the semi finals at Kaptain 8 Ball and the other finals at Turks Bar.

Moved: Rick Merlo

Seconded: Allan Greenwood

Vote: 14 for/8 against

- Carried –

4.      Debt owed by Alan Goodwin.

President Scott Kersten informed the Executive Committee made a decision that if Alan Goodwin signed an agreement that all monies owed by Summer Competition 2014-15 team Top Pub Sharks ($180), was his responsibility and would be paid by him, then all other members of that team would be cleared of this debt.  Given Scott couldn’t secure a meeting with Alan until the Tuesday May 12, when the other members of this team were awaiting clearance to play round 4 of the current Winter Competition.  A decision was made to give clearance to the other players of this team given Alan’s verbal agreement to meet with Scott and sign the agreement, so the other team members could go ahead and continue with round 4 matches.  Alan did not attend the meeting with Scott as agreed, and has not answered phone calls from Scott since, or made any attempt to contact someone from the Executive Committee to sort out this issue.  Letters have also been sent to Alan with no response.  The Executive Committee have since made a decision for Alan to receive a ban from the league for a period of 2 years, after which the debt will still be owed by Alan, and he will be unable to play in the league until the debt has been paid.

5.      VicHealth Carnival.

Scott informed of the VicHealth Carnival, which will be held on Sunday June 21 at Bar 8 in Bundoora.  Scott informed LVEBA have entered teams before and we’d like to do so again.  Scott asked for interested members to put their names down (with Scott) and then teams will be decided based on the list.  There will be a bus provided for transport.  Scott asked for Captains to speak to their teams about this event and provide names within the next week.

6.      Memorial trophy for Jim Duncan.

As we all know Jim Duncan passed away recently and Scott would like to put in place a memorial trophy to dedicate to Jim Duncan.  Scott stated he had 2 ideas: a) minor premiers in Div 1 ie team on top of the ladder prior to finals; or b) winner of the mixed division singles competition.  Peter Simpson advised he could ring Jim’s son Steve Duncan and ask him what trophy he would like to see dedicated to his dad.  Simmo rang Steve who advised he would love for a minor premier trophy to be dedicated to his dad, and thanked the league for doing so.

7.      Website.

Apologies again that this meeting did not go ahead, Scott will organize another meeting with Wayne.

8.      Money owed for new scorebooks.

We still don’t have this list but Paul Pike will follow it up and it will be dealt with at the next meeting.

9.      Dandenong Open.

Scott advised this comp is being held this coming weekend and the first prize is $2000.  The prize for best novice is $1000.

10. LV Hotel Ladies Comp.

Scott advised the LV Hotel will be holding a knockout comp for women, if all interested members could put in their expressions of interest to Jenny, captains to find out from their female team members if they are interested.

11. Change of delegates.

Scott informed that some delegates need to be voted on as they were not voted on at the Annual General Meeting as their registration form was not handed in.  These delegates are: Steve Cook and Neil Stuckey (Ryan’s Hotel).  Scott asked for these delegates to be passed.

Moved: Andy Kersten

Seconded: Ted Norton

- Carried –

 12. Delegates to stay for the entire meeting.

Scott advised all meetings start at 7pm, the Executive arrive at 6:30pm so delegates can hand in scoresheets and match fees prior to the meeting.  No money or scoresheets will be accepted after 7pm as the meeting has started and it is disruptive to the whole meeting to be handing things in during the meeting.  Also if delegates could remain for the entirety of the meeting, it makes things a lot easier and people will know more about what’s going on if they stay for the whole meeting.  Also the vote on finals venues were close, only 6 votes difference, if 6 people who left had of stayed, that could have made all the difference.

13. Non-clearance of LV Hotel player.

Scott advised this issue has been dealt with however he would like to remind everyone that players are not able to fill in or play for other teams without completing a clearance form and having this form approved and voted on at a Committee Meeting.

Jason McHale (LV Jokers) stated he thought it was under the same rules as Summer Comp in that players could fill in for other teams.  He now understands the rules around this for Winter Comp.  Scott advised the penalty imposed for LV Madmen is loss of premiership points for the round that Colin Dixson played for LV Madmen.

14. Presentation Night.

Secretary Claire Blackford informed that due to unavailability of the Premier Function Centre in August/September for our Presentation Night, we will be holding the event in Morwell, as it will return to the Premier Function Centre in Traralgon next year.  This is based on a decision that was made years ago to alternate between Morwell and Traralgon venues.  Claire advised there is a lack of venues in Morwell who can cater for this event, that there are none with league teams.  Jenny Dawson then raised that the LV Hotel can cater for this event.  Some discussion occurred about whether to hold the event in a venue in Traralgon that supports the league, the Morwell Club and the Italian/Australian Club have been very unsupportive in the past.  Scott and Claire agreed to meet with Jenny before the next meeting to discuss this in further detail and consider the Traralgon Bowls Club as well.

15. Open Singles Competition.

Paul Pike asked all delegates to provide a list of names of members who would like to compete in this event, at the next Committee Meeting, as the qualifying round is less than 2 weeks after that.  As per the draw the qualifying round is Tuesday July 14, and the final (32 players) are on Sunday July 19.


Around the Committee:

1.      Average Joes – not in attendance.
2.      Ball Busters – Maria advised their team has had an issue with another team not providing a marker and a timer, even when requested. Scott stated this was voted on last year, that if a team requests a marker and a timer, the other team must honour that request.  Maria stated this team was informed of that however they did not honour it.  Scott asked Maria to provide details in writing, and he will follow it up with that particular team.
3.      Cobras – gone.
4.      Falling Angels – gone.
5.      Good Old Boys – gone.
6.      Grand Junction Hotel – okay.
7.      Grand Junction Hotel Blacks – not in attendance.
8.      Kaptain Jokers – no issues.
9.      Kaptain Misfits – gone.
10. Kaptain Strikers – not in attendance.
11. Kickin Chickens – Alan Martin apologized for their non-attendance at the previous meeting and asked for the fines to be waived for non-attendance and for not handing in the scorecards, as they were handed in later that night, after the meeting.  He is not asking for the penalty of 2 premiership points taken from their team, to be waived.  Scott stated effort was made to attend the meeting and hand in the scorecards and asked for this to be passed.

Moved: Dave Ferguson

Seconded: Andy Kersten

- Carried -

12. Lenny’s Lads – Dave Ferguson stated when he first starting playing, Captains used to make a small speech to both teams prior to the start of the matches, he would like to see this happen again.  Secretary Claire Blackford stated this is a great idea and will start doing this and maybe others will follow.  There are a lot of teams who do this already which is great.

13. LV Jokers – no issues.

14. LV Madmen – Eric Newman apologized for being late.

15. MC Farques – John Humphreys brought up the issue of the iron that used to be situated at the Morwell Golf Club however it is no longer there.  Some discussion occurred about the irons, there was an iron purchased by the league years ago for the venues in Traralgon, that iron is at Turks Bar and can be borrowed by the other venues in Traralgon.  Another iron was purchased for the Morwell venues, which used to be kept at the Morwell Golf Club however has been taken from there and is now at Kaptain 8 Ball.  Allan Greenwood stated he gave the okay for it to be taken to Kaptain 8 Ball not knowing that it was supposed to the stay at the Morwell Golf Club.  Rick Merlo asked to move a motion for the iron to be moved from Morwell Golf Club to the Morwell Central Hotel.

Moved: Rick Merlo

Seconded: Jenny Dawson

Vote: 3 for/lots against 

- Not carried –

Scott to get the iron from Kaptain 8 Ball and take it back to the Morwell Golf Club.  Scott informed that if any venues want to borrow the irons from these venues, they will be required to sign them out of the venue, and must return them within 24 hours, or even less if it is on a match day.

16. MC Misfits – Ange raised the issue that not all Captains are sending through the pic of their scoresheets to Pikey so the rankings can be updated.  Scott stated every Captain should be on top of this.

17. Morwell Golf Club – no issues.

18. Morwell RSL Allsorts – no issues.

19. Morwell RSL Diggers – no issues.

20. Morwell RSL Reds – no issues.

21. Morwell RSL Uglii’s – no issues.

22. Ryan’s Hotel – gone.

23. Sam’s Turkeys – not in attendance.

24. Sports Bar – not in attendance.

25. Top Pub Blacks – Andy asked if it was possible for fines to be imposed for delegates leaving a meeting, Scott informed this is not possible, if delegates attend the meeting, sign in and then leave, there is nothing that can be done.  All we can do is encourage people to stay for the entirety of the meeting.

26. Traralgon Bowls Club – gone.  Don McIvor asked a question on behalf of Greg McRonald, ie given the Winter Competition is a short season, how many rounds are players required to play to qualify for finals, Scott advised this is in the Constitution so cannot be changed regardless of the length of the season, players are required to play 5 rounds in the season to qualify to play finals.

27. Turks Bar – no issues.

28. Turks Breakers – no issues.

29. Turks Guns – gone.

30. Turks Shooters – not in attendance.

31. Wild Turkeys – no issues.


Association members/visitors:

None in attendance.


Sign in book/non-attendance fines:

Rosa informed of the penalties that have been imposed at this meeting, they are:

  1. 1.      Division 1 – Grand Junction Hotel Blacks, Turks Shooters and Sports Bar all have received a $10 non-attendance fine.
  2. 2.      Division 2 – Traralgon Bowls Club have received a $10 for an away scorecard not being handed in.
  3. 3.      Division 3 – Average Joes have received a $10 fine for non-attendance, which has been paid, and the Kickin Chickens have had their fines waived.
  4. 4.      Division 4 – Kaptain Strikers have not attended the meeting again and again no scorecards have been handed in.  They have received a $20 fine for 2 away scorecards not handed in, 4 premiership points taken for 2 home scorecards not handed in, and a $10 non-attendance fine at this meeting.  This is on top of the $10 non-attendance fee from the last meeting.  Scott will contact them tomorrow about this.


Next Meeting to be held on Wednesday July 1, 2015 at Turks Bar, from 6:30pm.


Meeting Closed at 8:16pm

Duration 1hr 13m



Claire Blackford

Secretary LVEBA

Mobile: 0408 639 274

Email: info(at)lveba.com.au