All finals shall be played at the premises voted on by a majority of the Committee, not necessarily neutral to all clubs.



The table selected for the finals is to be neutral to the competing teams. Unauthorised practice on such table(s) by players or teams competing in the finals SHALL result in disqualification from the remainder of the current finals series for offending players or teams.



(a)     Winter Competition finals series will be played - best of three (3) games wins set.  Best of five (5) sets wins match.

(b)     Summer Competition finals series will be played - team that wins eight (8) games wins match.



Winter Competition

Finals to be conducted under the system of:

(a)     Final four (4) if divisions are created with less than fifteen (15) teams in Division 1, or

(b)     Final six (6) if fifteen (15) or more teams in Division 1 if divisions are created and/or no divisions.

(c)     This shall be ratified at each Annual General Meeting after team nominations.

(d)     Format for finals after the home/away games are completed:

(i)      Elimination Final:        3rd vs. 4th

(ii)     Qualifying Final:          1st vs. 2nd

(iii)     Preliminary Final:       Qualifying loser vs. Elimination winner.

(iv)     Grand Final:               Qualifying winner vs. Preliminary winner.

For a final six (6) an extra Elimination Final game is played, format being 3rd vs. 6th & 4th vs. 5th. Winners of the Elimination round plays off for spot in the Preliminary Final.

Summer Competition

Finals to be conducted under the system of:

(a)         Final six (6), this may vary depending on the number of teams competing.

(b)         This shall be ratified at each Summer Competition Meeting after team nominations for organising the upcoming competition.

(c)          Format for finals after the home/away games are completed:

(i)              Elimination Finals:      3rd vs. 6th

                                                                4th vs. 5th

(ii)              Preliminary Finals:     1st vs. lowest Elimination Final winner.

                                                                2nd vs. highest Elimination Final winner.

(iii)            Grand Final: Two Preliminary Final winners.

Teams Drawn

In an event of two (2) or more teams finishing the home/away season on the same points/frames a playoff SHALL occur with the game to be held at the venue of the team that is shown higher on the ladder.



(a)     Players to be eligible for finals must have played a minimum of five (5) matches in the home/away games for competing team. This includes eligibility for food and drinks in the Summer Competition.

(b)     All team fees SHALL be fully paid no later than the meeting held immediately prior to the commencement of any finals series or the offending team(s) shall be ineligible to compete in such finals (this includes eligibility for Summer Competition food and drinks). The next eligible team on the final ladder shall replace an ineligible team where practicable.


There shall be two (2) markers for all final series matches.

(a)     The markers for each game/frame shall be one from each team appointed by both players unless both players agree on an independent marker, unless otherwise written, e.g. ‘Summer Competition’.

(b)     There shall be a Head Adjudicator appointed by the Executive Committee for all final series matches. The Head Adjudicator shall not umpire any final series matches.

Dress Code

Dress code for all finals and any other competition SHALL be as decided by the Committee.

(a)     Black slacks or skirt, black dress shoes and a collared shirt. Anything else or variations are not permitted.

(b)     Variations may be approved by the Executive Committee but must be prior to the commencement of such finals or competition.

(c)     Any player not dressed in the proper attire will not be permitted to play.

(i)     Captains are to ensure their players are dressed in the proper attire before the match.

(ii)     Both the appointed markers are to enforce the dress code rule.

(iii)     If the Head Adjudicator becomes aware of any player playing not dressed in the proper attire the Head Adjudicator shall immediately call loss of frame/game including any frames/games played by the player prior in the match. The Head Adjudicators decision is final.


Player of the Finals

Player of the Finals to be decided by the team captains playing, and if a third party is needed an Executive Member preferably the scorer shall be used.

(a)     Captains to choose the three (3) best players awarding:

(i)      Three (3) points to the best player.

(ii)     Two (2) points to the second (2nd) best player.

(iii)    One (1) point to the third (3rd) best player of that final.

(b)     Captains to seal the results in an envelope and hand to the scorer to be announced at the Annual Presentation Ball.

(c)     Must play in at least two (2) matches to be eligible.

Total points to be divided by matches played for final result.