Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association




EIGHT BALL “a friendly and safe sport that anyone can play”

Our responsibility is to all members (affiliates), staff, partners and sponsors in exceeding their needs to the highest quality.

We will constantly strive for best working methods, to ensure the service we provide is the best available.

All will be considered as an individual and respected.

As an all inclusive sport, there will be equal opportunities for all.


The main objective of our Member Protection Policy (policy) is to maintain responsible behaviour and ethical and informed decision-making by participants in this association. This policy outlines our commitment to a person’s right to be treated with respect and dignity, and to be safe and protected from abuse. Our policy informs everyone involved in our Association of their legal and ethical rights and responsibilities and the standards of behaviour that are required. It also covers the care and protection of children participating in our club’s activities.


Our policy applies to everyone involved in the Association including committee members, administrators, coaches, officials (umpires/referees/judges), players, parents and spectators.


Our policy covers unfair decisions (e.g., team selection), breaches of our codes of behaviour and inappropriate behaviour that occurs at practice, at meetings, in the venues, at social events organised or sanctioned by our Association, on away and overnight trips, and any behaviour that brings or is likely to bring our club or sport into disrepute. It also covers behaviour where there is suspicion of harm towards a child or young person.


We will:

  • make any necessary amendments to our Constitution, rules or other policies to enable this policy to be enforceable
  • implement and comply with our policy
  • promote our policy to everyone involved in our Association
  • promote and model appropriate standards of behaviour at all times
  • respond to breaches or complaints made under our policy promptly, fairly, and confidentially
  • review this policy every 12–18 months

Serious issues include unlawful behaviour that involves or could lead to significant harm and includes criminal behavior.


Everyone associated with our Association must:

  • comply with the standards of behaviour outlined in our policy
  • treat others with respect
  • always place the safety and welfare of children above other considerations
  • be responsible and accountable for their behaviour
  • follow the guidelines outlined in this policy if they wish to make a complaint or report a concern about possible discrimination, harassment or other inappropriate behaviour.



7.1 Child protection

Child abuse involves conduct which puts children at risk of harm and takes a number of different forms, including:

  • physical abuse (e.g., deliberately hurting [hitting, punching], providing alcohol or drugs, or training that exceeds child’s development or maturity)
  • sexual abuse (e.g., sexual acts or threats, inappropriate touching or conversations)
  • emotional abuse (e.g., ill-treating by threats, humiliation or intimidation)
  • neglect (e.g., not providing child with basic necessities [food, drink, clothing], failing to protect a child from foreseeable risk of harm or injury).

Abuse is usually against the law. We will take measures to protect children involved in our Association from harm. We will do this by:

  • responding to all reports of abuse promptly, seriously and confidentially
  • complying with state/territory child protection laws and Working with Children Check requirements (see attachment 2)
  • carefully selecting and screening people over the age of 16 years who will have regular supervisory contact with children
  • promoting and enforcing our codes of behaviour, particularly for roles associated with children
  • adopting practices that provide the maximum opportunity for a child-safe environment.

7.2 Supervision

Members under the age of 18 must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult. Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association  will provide a level of supervision adequate and relative to the members’ age, maturity, capabilities, level of experience, nature of activity and nature of venue. If a member finds a member under the age of 18 is unsupervised, they should assume responsibility for the member’s safety until the parent/guardian or supervisor can be found.

Parents must turn up on time to collect their child for reasons of courtesy and safety. If it appears a member will be left alone at the end of a training session with just one child, they will ask another member to stay until the child is collected.]

7.3 Transportation

Parents/guardians are responsible for transporting their children to and from Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association activities (e.g., practice and games). Where Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association  makes arrangements for the transportation of children (e.g., for away or overnight trips), we will conduct a risk assessment that includes ensuring vehicles are adequately insured, the driver has a current and appropriate licence for the vehicle being used, and appropriate safety measures are available (e.g,. fitted working seatbelts.]

7.4 Taking images of children

Images of children can be used inappropriately or illegally. Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association  requires that members, wherever possible, obtain permission from a child’s parent/guardian before taking an image of a child that is not their own and ensure that the parent knows the way the image will be used. Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association also requires the privacy of others to be respected and disallows the use of camera phones, videos and cameras inside changing areas, showers and toilets.

If Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association uses an image of a child it will avoid naming or identifying the child or it will, wherever possible, avoid using both the first name and surname. We will not display personal information such as residential address, email address or telephone numbers without gaining consent from the parent/guardian. We will not display information about hobbies, likes/dislikes, school, etc., as this information can be used as grooming tools by paedophiles or other persons. We will only use appropriate images of a child relevant to our sport, and ensure that the child is suitably clothed in a manner that promotes the sport, displays its successes, etc.


Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association opposes all forms of harassment, discrimination and bullying. This includes treating or proposing to treat someone less favourably because of a particular characteristic; imposing or intending to impose an unreasonable requirement, condition or practice which has an unequal or disproportionate effect on people with a particular characteristic; or any behaviour that is offensive, abusive, belittling, intimidating or threatening — whether this is face-to-face, indirectly, or via communication technologies such as mobile phones and computers. Some forms of harassment, discrimination and bullying are against the law and are based on particular characteristics such as age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, pregnancy, political or religious beliefs, race and marital status.

Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association  takes all claims of harassment, discrimination, bullying and cyber bullying seriously. We encourage anyone who believes they have been harassed, discriminated against or bullied to raise the issue with the club (see ‘10. Responding to complaints’).


Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association is welcoming and we will seek to include members from all areas of our community.

9.1 People with disability

Where possible we will include people with disability in our Association. We will make reasonable adaptations (e.g., modifications to equipment and rules) to enable participation.

9. 2 People from diverse cultures

We will support and respect people from diverse cultures and religions to participate in our Association and where possible will accommodate requests for flexibility (e.g., modifications to uniforms).

9.3 Sexual and gender identity

All people, regardless of their sexuality, are welcome within our Association. We strive to provide a safe environment for participation and will take action over any homophobic behaviour.

9.4 Pregnancy

Pregnant women should be aware that their own health and wellbeing, and that of their unborn children, should be of utmost importance in their decision-making about the way they participate in our sport. We recommend that pregnant women consult their medical advisers, make themselves aware of the facts about pregnancy in sport, and ensure that they make informed decisions about participation.


10.1 Complaints

Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association takes all complaints about behaviour seriously. Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association will handle complaints based on the following principles of procedural fairness (natural justice):

  • All complaints will be taken seriously.
  • Both the person making the complaint (complainant) and the person the complaint is against (respondent) will be given full details of what is being said against them and have the opportunity to respond (give their side of the story).
  • Irrelevant matters will not be taken into account.
  • Decisions will be unbiased and fair.
  • Any penalties imposed will be fair and reasonable.

If the complaint relates to suspected child abuse, sexual assault or other criminal activity, then our club will need to report the behaviour to the police and/or relevant government authority and our national body.

10.2     Complaint-handling process

When a complaint is received by Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association, the person receiving the complaint (e.g., president, committee member) will:

  • listen carefully and ask questions to understand the nature and extent of the problem
  • ask what the complainant would like to happen
  • explain the different options available to help resolve the problem
  • take notes
  • maintain confidentiality but not necessarily anonymity.

Once the complainant decides on their preferred option for resolution, Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association will assist, where appropriate and necessary, with the resolution process. This may involve:

  • supporting the complainant to talk to the respondent
  • bringing all the people involved in the complaint together to talk objectively through the problem (this could include external mediation)
  • gathering more information (e.g., from other people who may have seen the behaviour)
  • seeking advice from our national body or from an external agency (e.g., state department of sport or anti-discrimination agency)
  • referring the complainant to an external agency such as a community mediation centre, the police or the anti-discrimination agency.

 10.3     Disciplinary measures

Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association will take disciplinary action against anyone found to have breached our policy or made false and malicious allegations. Any disciplinary measure imposed under our policy must:

  • be applied consistent with any contractual and employment rules and requirements
  • be fair and reasonable
  • be based on the evidence and information presented and the seriousness of the breach
  • be determined by our constitution, by-laws and the rules of the game.

Possible measures that may be taken include:

  • verbal and/or written apology
  • counselling to address behaviour
  • withdrawal of any awards, placings, records or achievements bestowed in any tournaments, activities or events held or sanctioned by Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association
  • suspension or termination of membership, participation or engagement in a role or activity
  • deregistration of accreditation for a period of time or permanently
  • a fine, or
  • any other form of discipline that Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association  considers reasonable and appropriate.

10.4     Appeals

The complainant or respondent can lodge one appeal against decisions of, or disciplinary measures imposed by, Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association  to our association. Appeals must be based on either a denial of natural justice, because of unjust or unreasonable disciplinary measure/s being imposed, or on the grounds that the decision was not supported by the information/evidence presented and available to the decision-maker.

 Please refer to Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association ’s Constitution for guidelines and procedures.

 4. Working with Children Check

The Working with Children (WWC) Check creates a mandatory minimum checking standard across Victoria. The Working with Children Act 2005 requires that some people who work or volunteer in child-related work require a WWC Check. The check involves a national police records check and a review of relevant findings from prescribed professional disciplinary bodes (currently only the Victorian Institute of Teaching). There is an exemption for volunteers whose own children are involved in the particular activity; however they should still be required to complete the screening process.

A person who has no criminal or professional disciplinary history will be granted an Assessment Notice. This notice will entitle the person to undertake child-related work in Victoria and is valid for five years (unless revoked). A person deemed unsuitable to work or volunteer with children will be given a Negative Notice and cannot work in child-related work in Victoria.

For more information: or 1300 652 879.



Policy Statement

  1. Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association will not tolerate violence or physical or verbal aggression towards its members.  If this occurs, police may be called and legal action taken


  1. Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association would like to encourage more members to get involved in our sport and hopefully increase your enjoyment and participation through “Friendly and Safe” Eightball.


  1. All participants need to feel safe.  Any violence and aggression with our sport is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.


Occupational Violence and Aggression has been identified as an industry wide hazard.  Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association accepts that our venues, by the very nature of sport hold the same potential for violence and aggression as any other sporting associations.

The Prevention and Management of Occupational Violence and Aggression Policy is to provide a clear means to manage the potential for Occupational Violence and Aggression.

Aggressive incidents and injury due to aggression or violence are often considered “part of the job” especially in sport.  However, players, spectators, volunteers and officials have the right to be safe from aggressive / violent behaviour.

Aggression and violence towards officials, players and spectators is not acceptable.  Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association’s management, employees and volunteers have the responsibility to prevent and manage aggression and violence.  These rights and responsibilities are reinforced in the OH&S legislation and criminal law legislation.

People exposed to aggression and / or violence may be injured at the time or suffer health effects over time.

This policy is to ensure Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association provides and maintains an environment that is safe and without risks to health for all as obligations under the OH&S Act. 2004


Occupational Violence and Aggression covers a wide range of offences.  Examples include:

  • Verbal abuse
  • Intimidating behaviour / Bullying
  • Physical threatening behaviour (with or without a weapon)
  • Physical assault (with or without a weapon)
  • Sexual harassment

Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association has referred to appropriate authorities and reference materials in order to properly define Occupational Violence and Aggression.

Threat means a statement or behaviour that causes a person to believe they are in danger of being physically attacked

Physical attack means the direct or indirect application of force by a person to the body of, or to clothing or equipment worn by, another person, where the application creates a risk to health and safety.

“Occupational violence is defined as any incident where a person is physically attacked or threatened”. (Guidance Note for the Prevention of Bullying and Violence in the Workplace.  Work Safe Victoria. February, 2003).

Assault is defined under the Crimes Act in Victoria as the “direct or indirect application of force by a person to the body, clothing, or equipment worn by another where the application of force is without lawful excuse and with the intent to inflict or being reckless as to the infliction of bodily injury, pain, discomfort, damage, insult or the deprivation of liberty and results in infliction of any such consequence (whether or not the consequence inflicted is the consequence intended or foreseen)”.

Workplace Violence is an action or incident that physically or psychologically harms another person.  It includes situations where employees and other people are threatened, attacked or physically assaulted at work.  Non-physical violence, such as verbal abuse, intimidation and threatening behaviour, may also significantly affect a person’s health and well being.  (Mental Health Code of Practice 2002).

Aggression can be described as one of many responses used by people in an effort to protect themselves from threats they perceive.  These can be either internal or external in origin.  It may be physical or non-physical, however non-physical aggression may have a greater effect on a person than

an actual physical attack.  Aggression may develop from unexpressed hostility or frustration, deteriorating into dangerous behaviour.  (Mental Health Code of Practice 2002).


It is Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association’s policy that:

  • Violence and Aggression within Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association is unacceptable, and as such, is not to be tolerated.
  • Potential for violent and aggressive episodes must be prevented where ever possible and may be averted by requesting the attendance of Security or additional personnel prior to a situation eventuating in violence and aggression.
  • All members/visitors must fit the following criteria – able to control their behavior i.e. includes drugs and alcohol effected persons.
  • Any players / members / visitors or intruders exhibiting violent or aggressive behaviour are also not to be accepted.  Internal Procedures are to be initiated and the Police notified.
  • All Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association members must comply fully with Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association ’s occupational violence and aggression policy procedures.


The following control strategies must be considered:-

  • Diffusion via discussion and counseling
  • Requesting co-operative behaviour
  • Developing a care plan

 Members Awareness

Policy is to be displayed at Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association’s events and all affiliated events to inform members and visitors that violence and / or aggression is not acceptable behaviour and as such, Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association ’s Executives, Members, Administrators, Officials, Volunteers and visitors of Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association  will not tolerate it.

Sanctions, Discipline and Suspensions

Members who break this policy and who display any violence or aggression are subject to discipline, suspension and expulsion.

Hearing and Investigation

A person who is alleged to have broken this policy at a Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association Event, including functions, has the right to a hearing.

Where the President of Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association  (or person acting under his authority) receives information that a person to which this policy applies, may have breached this policy, would follow Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association’s Constitution procedures for discipline, suspension and expulsion of ordinary members.  The following procedures are referred from Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association’s Constitution (7 to 7.9).

1.1     Subject to these Rules, if the committee is of the opinion that an ordinary member has refused or neglected to comply with these Rules, or has been guilty of conduct unbecoming an ordinary member or prejudicial to the interests of the Association, the committee may by resolution-

1.1.1     fine that ordinary member an amount; or

1.1.2     suspend that ordinary member from membership of the Association for a specified period; or

1.1.3     expel that ordinary member from the Association.

1.2     A resolution of the committee under sub-rule (1.1) does not take effect unless-

1.2.1     at a meeting held in accordance with sub-rule (1.3), the committee confirms the resolution; and

1.2.2     if the ordinary member exercises a right of appeal to the Association under this rule, the Association confirms the resolution in accordance with this rule.

1.3     A meeting of the committee to confirm or revoke a resolution passed under sub-rule (1.1) must be held not earlier than fourteen days, and not later than twenty-eight days, after notice has been given to the ordinary member in accordance with sub-rule (1.4).

1.4     For the purposes of giving notice in accordance with sub-rule (1.3), the Secretary must, as soon as practicable, cause to be given to the ordinary member a written notice-

1.4.1     setting out the resolution of the executive committee and the grounds on which it is based: and

1.4.2     stating that the ordinary member, or his or her representative, may address the committee at a meeting to be held not earlier than 14 days and not later than twenty-eight days after the notice has been given to that ordinary member; and

1.4.3     stating the date, place and time of that meeting; and

1.4.4     informing the ordinary member that he or she may do one or both of the following-     attend that meeting;     give to the committee before the date of that meeting a written statement seeking the revocation of the resolution;

1.4.5     informing the ordinary member that, if at that meeting, the committee confirms the resolution, he or she may not later than forty-eight hours after that meeting, give the Secretary a notice to the effect that he or she wishes to appeal to the Association in a general meeting against the resolution.

1.5     At a meeting of the executive committee to confirm or revoke a resolution passed under sub-rule (1.1), the committee must-

1.5.1     give the ordinary member, or his or her representative, an opportunity to be heard; and

1.5.2     give due consideration to any written statement submitted by the ordinary member; and

1.5.3     determine by resolution whether to confirm or to revoke the resolution.

1.6     If at the meeting of the executive committee, the executive committee confirms the resolution, the ordinary member may, not later than forty-eight hours after that meeting, give the Secretary a notice to the effect that he or she wishes to appeal to the Association in a general meeting against the resolution.

1.7     If the Secretary receives a notice under sub-rule (1.6), he or she must notify the executive committee and the executive committee must convene a general meeting of the Association to be held within twenty-one days after the date on which the Secretary received the notice.

1.8     At a general meeting of the Association convened under sub-rule (1.7)-

1.8.1     no business other than the question of the appeal may be conducted; and

1.8.2     the executive committee may place before the meeting details of the grounds for the resolution and the reasons for the passing of the resolution; and

1.8.3     the ordinary member, or his or her representative, must be given an opportunity to be heard; and

1.8.4     the general committee present must vote by secret ballot on the question whether the resolution should be confirmed or revoked.

1.9     A resolution is confirmed if, at a general meeting, not less than two-thirds of the members present vote in favour of the resolution.  In any other case, the resolution is revoked.

Members Violence and Aggression

Violence and Aggression is unlawful.  The following legislation prohibits unfair discrimination and harassment in Victoria.

  • Victorian Equal Opportunity Act, 1995
  • Racial Discrimination Act, 1975
  • Sex Discrimination Act, 1984
  • Disability Discrimination Act, 1992

Reporting to Police

Police involvement will be assisted if it is the wish of a member who has been the recipient of violence and / or aggression.  The fact that Violence and / or Aggression may take place in the sporting environment does not, in any way, alter the ways in which it should be dealt with.


  • Prevention of Workplace Bullying and Violence at work.  WorkSafe Victoria, 2003
  • Workplace Violence, Job Watch, VWA, 2000
  • Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association Constitution

Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association All inclusive Policy

Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association is committed to treat everyone equally within the context of their activity, regardless of sex, ethnic origin, religion, disability, age, sexual orientation or political persuasion.

Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association will ensure that equity as stated in Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association rules is incorporated in all aspects of its’ activities and also recognises and adopts the definition of All Inclusive:

Sports equity is about fairness in sport, equality of access, recognising inequalities and taking steps to address them. It is about changing the culture and structure of sport to ensure that it becomes equally accessible to all members of society, whatever their age, ability, gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality or socio-economic status.

Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association is committed to everyone having the right to enjoy Eight Ball in an environment free from threat of discrimination, intimidation, harassment and abuse.

All Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association members have a responsibility to challenge discriminatory behaviour and promote equality of opportunity.

Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association will deal with any incidence of discriminatory behaviour seriously, according to Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Associationdisciplinary procedures


Equal Opportunity in Eight Ball

‘Equal Opportunity is about celebrating difference and diversity and as such providing a playing structure that can respond to this in a proactive and positive manner’.

Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association Inc is totally committed to the principals and practice of equal opportunities across all of its’ disciplines, both as an employer, provider and as facilitator of such practices by all its’ members.  In our work with key partners, such as players, clubs, volunteers, coaches, officials and administrators, we will advocate our policies make every effort to ensure that all participation has equity at its’ core.

Eight Ball is “a friendly and safe sport that anyone can play”.  It can and should be enjoyed and made accessible to everyone and to achieve this:

  • Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association Inc is committed to work towards ensuring that Eight Ball is accessible to the, many rather than the few.


  • Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association recognizes the need to acknowledge the diversity of provision that is required to ensure that all people, regardless of their race, sex/gender, disability, age, sexual orientation, social or economic background can access Eight Ball and develop at a level that is appropriate to them.


  • Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association recognizes the need to celebrate differences and diversity of provision as a means of creating entitlement and accessibility to our structures.


  • Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association recognizes that equal opportunity is about recognizing that people are different and therefore require different provision.


  • Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association recognizes the need to consult widely in order to respond to diversity


Addressing Equal Opportunities

 In addressing equal opportunities, Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association will respond to issues of equity by:


  • Recognising that Eight Ball as an organisation – our staff, players, coaches, volunteers, officials and administrators need to adapt and work flexibly in order to respond to the needs of a wide and diverse range of people.


  • Take positive action to increase the involvement from under represented groups in all aspects of our organisation, participation, coaching, volunteering, officialdom etc.


In doing so Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association Inc supports four key principals as being fundamental to ensuring that everyone can participate in our sport and the achievement of equality of opportunity:


Entitlement:         People have a right to participate in and access quality and appropriate experiences within Eight Ball.


Accessibility:       It is the responsibility of Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association  Inc– our coaches, officials and administrators – to adapt provision to fit the needs of the many.


Inclusion:             Wherever and whenever possible, all to access the same quality of provision, and if necessary to use positive action to ensure this:


Integrity:              Whatever we do as an Association to change or adopt provision, it must be of equal worth, challenging, relevant and in no way patronising.


Lines of responsibility

Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Associationwill strive to become an organisation that values diversity and in order to achieve this we recognise that there must be clear lines of responsibility between all segments of the organisation.

Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association as an employer

Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association aspires to provide a diverse committee and workforce, a composition of which reflects that of the broader community in terms of gender, ethnicity and disability.  In order to bring about this diversity we undertake to:

  • Provide full and fair considerations for all committee, roles and job applications.
  • Assist all our employees to realise their full potential by ensuring that they receive fair consideration of their training and career development needs and promotion opportunities.
  • Wherever possible modify volunteer and employment practices and procedures to reduce barriers experienced by members of disadvantaged social groups for volunteering and seeking and during employment with the Association.
  • Regularly review our recruitment, selection, training and promotion procedures to ensure that they are fair and reflect current best practice.


Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association as a Membership Organisation.

Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association is committed to encouraging membership from all sectors of the community.  To achieve this we undertake to:

  • Promote an open and honest culture that values diversity.
  • Communicate widely, ensuring that our messages can be understood and appreciated by all.
  • Positively encourage the involvement of all people, regardless of their gender, race, disability, age and social background.
  • Work to redress the effects of discrimination.
  • Change attitudes and working practices to ensure that everyone can feel a valued member of the Association.

Officials and Administrators

In our involvement of officials and administrators we will expect them to

  • Adopt, promote and practice the values of the Association.
  • Ensure that participation can be enjoyed by all.
  • Provide meaningful and appropriate experiences, which recognise and value the diversity of the participants.
  • Actively encourage the participation and involvement of people from disadvantaged groups of the community.


In our training and development of Coaches/mentors, we will strive to ensure that they:

  • Establish and implement professional and ethical values and practice.
  • Promote and apply the principals and practices of equal opportunities
  • Promote positive images of people with Special needs.
  • Have a commitment to providing entitlement and access to all their professional activities.
  • Encourage high expectations and standards of achievement from all they teach
  • Involve everyone in meaningful and appropriate activity to ensure a quality experience.
  • Help everyone to achieve their full potential.