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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

14th July, 2020

Unfortunately the situation has not changed with regards to the goverment rules relating to social gatherings & social distancing. Until that does change we cannot hold the Annual General Meeting which was scheduled to have been held in April and is now defered until further notice. We are NOT canceling the season and as for the rumours currently circulating of the league having folded is FALSE and nothing but a rumour. 

LV8BA Committee


All the content has been updated and lots of new content has been added

Under the Results tab you will find a new drop down box called Past Results in this drop down box you will find any results of competition that we have had year by year since the beginning of our assocation 1968-2020. Some years have very little information whilst other years especally the last 20 years have lots of season and competition results.

Under the Awards tab you will find all the awards in relation to season competitions complied by divisions and other individual competitions as well, I have updated current content and added other missing content. There is some information missing that I have highlighted in red, if you know any of the missing information please get in contact with me so that we can keep our records up to date.

Under the Rules tab the Constitution and By-Laws have been updated as well as the World Rules which were updated this year. A new drop down box called Final Format Flow Charts has been added these are also in the By-Laws these charts show the different finals format for our winter and summer competitions, lets hope from now on we can start playing our summer competition finals format correctly.

Under the Admin tab above you will find a drop down box called Minutes in this file you will find we have updated the minutes of all our meetings, they have been sorted by years from 1977-2019. Also under the same Admin tab you will find a drop down box called Membership and by clicking on this drop down box you will find 3 files. These files contain the register of members that we have and they have been sorted out by name and shows the years of services for each member. The first file is for the Winter Competition whilst the second file is for the Summmer Competition and the third file is statistical information. I have also added another two new drop down boxes the first called Office Bearers which contain the list of Committee Members listed year by year. The other new drop down box is called Offical Forms & Downloads which contain all our forms and downloaded files such as Constitution, By-Laws, Policies and Australian 8 Ball Rules ect. The place on the front page where some of these files can be found will remain for a little while longer but will be removed eventually.

A new tab has been created to put all our photos in called Photo Gallery and under this tab are a number of drop down boxes with photos relating to the Presentation Night, Grand Final Day (Premiers), Single Championships, Inter-League Day and Newspaper Articles.

The other update worth mentioning is the new tab called Country Cup which has a number of drop down boxes associated with it containing all things country cup in relation to our league. You will find past individual and team results also awards been given as well as other information relating to the country cup.

Committee Member: Andrew O'Neill



Coronavirus (COVID-19)

With the goverments 'non-essential gatherings' and 'social distancing' policies at the moment, the AGM will not go ahead as planned until further notice. We will continue to monitor what the authorites advise.

The agenda and special business (by-law amendments) will stay up on the website as notice so that way when we call the AGM we only have to give two weeks notice in stead of the usual three weeks. The date and venue for the meeting are the only things that will change going forward, obviously there will be a late start to the season as well, so please keep a look out for when goverment policy change.

LV8BA Committee

LV8BA 44th Annual General Meeting

Venue: to be announced

Date: to be announced

7pm start

All members are encouraged to come along!

43rd Annual General Meeting Notice/Agenda 2020

General Meetings Minutes 2019

1. 43rd Annual General Meeting Minutes 2019

2. 1st Special General Meeting Minutes 2019

3. 2nd Special General Meeting Minutes 2019

Special Business

(By-Law Changes)

1. Amendments: Delegate Meetings, Divisions, Scorecards ect.

The above Amendments are 13 by-laws that have had changes made to them. Most of these changes have been made upon the Committees request to reduce the amount of Delegate Meetings we have even to the point of not having any if it proves possible. The Committee have also requested that the minimum number of teams in divisions be reduced to 6. There are also a number of other proposed changes, so please read through them carefully to get a good understanding of the propsed changes. Any questions you may have you can contact me on 0448 151 972 thankyou. LV8BA Treasurer Andrew O'Neill.

2. Addition: Points System (Handicap)

This by-law change Points System (Handicap) is an addition to the current by-laws. The main reason for it is to create more competition in the league. It is a simple system based on the Committee having the control. Again read through it carefully to get a good understanding of what is being proposed. Please submit your team entry forms as per usual at the AGM, we need only worry about the point system once we cross that bridge and again if you have any questions you can contact me 0448 151 972. LV8BA Treasurer Andrew O'Neill.

Ordinary Committee Member: Scorer

The Committee is still looking for a replacement scorer for the up coming season. If you have some experience with Excel and have time on a Wednesday night please consider even if you are not sure but are still interested please contact the Committee and we can run through with you what's expected and remember the Assocaiaion cannot run without a Committee.


Message from the scorer..

Home Team, at the completion of match, please send a picture msg of scorecard to Andrew Cumming - 0407 976 798

Failure to send scores by 12:00pm Wednesday will result in a $10 fine.

Scoresheets can be deposited into the LVEBA Mailbox's at Turks Bar and Morwell R.S.L. but MUST be handed in before/at the relevant delegate meetings.

Missing Home scorecards will result in loss of premiership points

Missing Away scorecards will result in Monetary fines.


File Downloads


Important Information

Our postal details:

Po Box 740

Traralgon Vic. 3844

Please use this address for any correspondence via mail as this is now the LVEBAs official postal address.

and don't forget you can also email us on admin(at)lveba.com.au


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