1. Composition

Comprising of teams from within the Latrobe Valley area, as may apply for affiliation:

(a)     Winter Competition at each Annual General Meeting.

(b)     Summer Competition at each Sub Committee Meeting for organising the Summer Competition.

(c)     Juniors shall be from within an extended area incorporating the whole of Gippsland.


2. Control

The Association shall appoint all necessary officials and shall have entire control of all premiership matches played between its clubs and of any matches played by representative teams or players selected from its clubs.


3. Amendments

Any By-Law, Rule of Competition, Final Series or Rule of Play that in the opinion of the Committee of Management is not satisfactory or is causing disputes may be added to or altered or rescinded in the current year providing:

(a)     Only written application for variation will be considered; and

(b)     If taken by the Committee of Management by 75% of members present and voting.


4. Meetings

Committee Meetings shall be held on a Wednesday during the playing season, and start at 7.30pm at a venue to be decided upon at a previous meeting.

(a)     In the case of that Wednesday being unsuitable, e.g. a Public Holiday, it shall be held on another day agreed to by the Committee.

(b)     At least one Ordinary Committee Member from each team MUST attend each meeting or that team shall be fined $10-00, unless a valid excuse for non-attendance is accepted by the Committee.

(c)     Winter Competition Meetings shall be held on the first Wednesday of each Month, except in the month where the last home/away round is played, which must then be held the following Wednesday after.

(d)     Summer Competition Meetings shall be set by the Sub Committee at the meeting for organising the Summer Competition.


5. Admission of Teams

The Association at Annual General Meeting/Sub Committee Meeting for organising the Summer Competition may by a two-thirds majority admit new teams providing:

(a)     That all teams agree to pay playing fees as may be fixed by the Committee; and

(b)     That all teams agree to abide by the rules and decisions made by the Committee.

(c)     If a team nominates to play in the upcoming season at meeting, but withdraws its nomination, that team cannot re-nominate at the same meeting.

(d)     A team member/delegate MUST be present at the meeting to nominate a team. A team nomination will only be accepted after these meetings if it replaces a ‘bye’, or with Executive approval.


 6. Number of Teams


There will be no limit of teams in any one season; this includes Junior teams played at any other time.

(a)     If fifteen (15) or more teams nominate for any one season, the Association shall create divisions

(b)     Each time an additional seven (7) teams nominate for any one season another division can be created.

(c)     This rule does not necessarily apply to the “Summer Competition” which may not necessarily play Divisions.


7. Number of Games for Season

There shall be a maximum of 22 home and away rounds played in any one competition season. In the event of there being more than twelve (12) teams in a Division, preventing each team from playing each other team twice, then:

(a)     Each team shall play each other team once; then

(b)     A supplementary draw to be made for the remaining games that is as fair as possible to all teams until a nominated number of rounds are played with the maximum 22 rounds rule applied. E.g. if a further six (6) rounds are to be played, wherever possible, each team to play three (3) teams in the top half of the ladder to that stage and three (3) teams in the bottom half of the ladder to that stage.

(c)     Always endeavouring to keep draw fair by similarly positioned teams playing opposition teams in an evenly shared manner according to the opposition team’s ladder positions to that stage.


8. Divisions

If enough teams nominate, and divisions are created, the teams shall be graded by the Committee.

(a)     Higher graded teams shall make up Division 1; Division 2 shall consist of the next highest graded teams and so on.

(b)     Number of teams shall be divided as equally as possible. If the number of teams cannot be divided equally, then the division to receive the greater number of teams shall be at the Executive’s discretion.

(c)     The draw shall take into account the composition of all Divisions, and shall be constructed in such a way to ensure all Division Grand Finals are concluded within eight (8) days of each other.

9. Team and Player Promotion and Demotion

Where practicable, and as seen fit by the Committee, Promotion and Demotion of at least the two (2) top and bottom teams in each Division shall occur.

(a)         An individual that, in the previous corresponding season, played with a team being Promoted to a higher Division, shall play in that higher Division unless he or she seeks and is given permission by the Office Holders (Executive) to remain in the lower Division.

(b)         The same rule applies to any other player that was a member of a team that is not being demoted. A player may elect to play in a higher Division than required but this rule shall apply for that player in the corresponding season to follow.

(c)          Penalty for non-compliance: loss of match to 0


10. Summer Competition

(a)         For the purpose of the Summer Competition unless otherwise specified in these rules the Summer Competition shall conform/comply to ALL the rules of this Association (Constitution, By-Laws, Rules of Competition & Final Series).

(b)         Where the word “Committee” is written in these rules it SHALL also apply to the “Sub-Committee” for the Summer Competition where applicable.

(c)          The ‘Summer Competition’, is to be run during that part of the year which does not interfere or overlap with the ‘Winter Competition’.


11. Summer Competition Sub Committee

The ‘Summer Competition Sub Committee’, shall manage and control the Summer Competition. The Sub Committee SHALL consist of:

(a)         Office Bearers of the Association, and if required a person may be nominated to fill their position until the completion of the Summer Competition.

(b)         Ordinary Committee Members, two members from each competing team shall represent their team (if required elected), who shall hold office until the completion of the Summer Competition.


 12. Summer Competition Fees

Summer Competition Player Registration and Match Fees shall be set by the Summer Competition Sub Committee at the Meeting called to organise the Summer Competition.

(a)         All such monies shall be deposited in the Associations bank/credit union account and be clearly shown as 'Summer Competition' fees.

Match fees shall then be used to supply 'Summer Competition' trophies and pay running costs with the remainder being used for Grand Final day food, drinks and other requirements.


 13. Representative Teams Selection


The Committee shall confirm/elect a panel of selectors (maximum of five) for the purpose of choosing the best players available to represent the Association in Inter-league type competitions.

(1)     The selection panel shall consist of the President, Scorer and the captains of the Country Cup teams in the previous year providing they are current members of the Association, unless:

(a)    There were less than three teams, then the ‘Committee’ shall elect another selector.

(b)    There were more than three teams, then the captains of the numbers one, two and three teams shall be on the panel.

(c)     If a captain is not available or does not wish to be on the panel, that captain shall be given the opportunity to elect another member of that team as his/her replacement. If he/she does not wish to select a replacement, the ‘Committee’ shall elect another member of that team.


(2)     The selection panel shall meet at the most suitable time and place, to select:

(a)    Team(s) to play in the Country Cup; and

(b)    Any subsequent representative team(s) from only those players that attended and represented this Association in the Country Cup, unless otherwise permitted by the Committee or caused by lack of availability of those players.

(c)     The selection panel shall adhere to the following as player qualification:

(i)           Shall be a fully financial playing member.

(ii)         Shall have played in the current winter competition prior to selection of teams.

(iii)       Shall confirm intentions to play at least 40% of current home and away competition (excludes finals).

(iv)       A player shall be disqualified from the Country Cup team if he/she has not played at least three (3) games in the current winter competition prior to the event.

(v)         If a player does not play 40% of that winter competition (excluding finals), that player is not eligible to play in any Association representative team until the year after all the above qualifications have been met.

(vi)       The ‘Executive Committee may waive (2) (c) (v) if it is proven that the player’s circumstances have changed sufficiently to warrant not being able to play 40% of that winter competition (excluding finals). Only written applications for exemptions submitted to the Secretary will be considered.


14. Reimbursement

Players may be reimbursed “travel” money only when travelling from the locality of Latrobe Valley to a destination outside this Associations normal competition area as part of an ‘official’ LVEBA representative team or for making the “Top 20 or 40 in the State Titles”.

(a)     No reimbursement shall be payable if group travel arrangements (e.g. bus) are made and paid for by the Association.

(b)     No player(s) shall be reimbursed for any other individual or team tournament.


15. Association Shirts

Playing members of this Association shall be supplied with an official ‘Association shirt’, subject to Association finances at the time of each AGM, providing the following conditions are met:

(a)         Player must be fully financial with the Association.

(b)         Eligibility applies to Winter Competition games only.

(c)          Player must have played at least 6 games in current season to become eligible.

(d)         Each player to get new shirt no sooner than every three years played (must play at least 6 games in a Winter Comp season to count that year).

(e)         Player to pay $15-00 towards the cost, with the Association to pay balance.

(f)           Association pay full cost for Country Cup players (with no sooner than 3 years limit applied).

(g)         Restricted to 7 players per team (Country Cup players to be excluded in team numbers).

(h)         Captains to submit player’s name and shirt size, upon player becoming eligible, to the person nominated to keep records of shirt distribution. Number of games played by that player shall be verified by the Scorer.

(i)           Any disputes shall be decided at the discretion of the Executive.

All conditions shall be reviewed at each AGM.


16. Raffle Tickets

If the Committee decide to run a raffle, all captains, or team delegates, shall be given 40 raffle tickets for each registered team player to sell for the Association.

(a)     The captain, or team delegate, receiving such raffle tickets SHALL give to the person nominated by the Association, to record the distribution of all Raffle Books, a complete list of who has been issued with Raffle Book (including raffle book numbers).

(b)     Captains, or team delegates, that do not provide such a list SHALL be solely responsible for any raffle books (distributed to them) not returned by the date of the Raffle draw. That captain, or team delegate, cannot play in this Association until such raffle books are returned (or monies paid) to the Association.

(c)     If such a list is provided, the player or person recorded as having raffle tickets SHALL be solely responsible for such raffle books not returned by the date of the Raffle draw.

(d)     That player or person cannot play in this Association until such raffle books are returned (or monies paid) to the Association.


17. Presentation Night


All persons wishing to attend the Presentation Night MUST pay the full cost of as set by the Committee (including required raffle tickets sold) at least one week prior to the Presentation Night. Any person(s) that decide after this deadline that they cannot attend, will have their money refunded in full if sufficient notice is given so as not to cause any cost to this Association.


18. Juniors

The development of junior players shall be controlled by a 'Juniors' sub-committee as elected by the Committee.

(a)     The 'Juniors' sub-committee shall organise competitions, dependent on numbers of juniors participating, in the form of:

(i)      Knockout Tournaments

(ii)     Round Robin Tournaments

(iii)    Teams Premiership competition

(iv)    Any other forms of the game that will encourage and advance junior players.

(b)    A player shall be ineligible for 'Junior Tournaments' upon reaching eighteen (18) years of age.  For Teams Premiership competition, this age limit shall apply to the date of the first round of that season. 

(c)    The Juniors sub-committee have the right to raise funds and use those funds as is deemed necessary to further the development of juniors. All such monies raised shall be deposited in a separate 'Juniors' bank/credit union account.


1. L.V.E.B.A. Singles Championship


The Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association Singles Championship is to be played annually with the following rules and conditions to apply:

(1)     Entry SHALL be open to all fully financial members of this Association.

(2)     Conditions for the Singles Championship shall be set by the Committee.  (Entry fee, venues, event nights/days and times, head adjudicator, etc.).  Organised by the Executive/Sub Committee.

(3)     If entries exceed for a 32 draw the Singles Championship will have a qualifying night to be held during the season on a Tuesday night and/or Wednesday if needed. The Singles Championship then, that being a 32 draw is to be held on the following Sunday.


(4)     Qualifying

(a)     Entry fee will be set by the Committee and SHALL be payable before play.  No refund SHALL be payable unless a valid reason is given in writing to the secretary and only accepted after a vote taken by the Committee.

(b)     Play starts at 7pm, all players must be present or else they will forfeit their games with entry fee payable.

(c)     Draw and venue to be blind, any team venue can hold a qualifying night.

(d)     All entries to be given a week’s notice of venue where possible.

(e)     Each table to have (example five (5)) players playing each other once in a single frame format, the person with the highest number of frames qualifies.

(f)      There are a minimum of 28 qualifying places, depending on the number of qualifying entries will depend on the number that play and qualify on each table and also on the availability of venues.  Odd qualifying numbers may occur.

(g)     Any draws a single frames format play off to occur.


(5)    Singles Championship

(a)     Singles Championship draw SHALL be a blind draw (except seeded players, see rule 5(c)), to be done on the day, start time as set by the Committee, any player not present by the start of play will forfeit their games and cannot be replaced.

(b)     Number of frames to be played each round as follows:

(i)      Round 32 - Best of 3

(ii)     Round 16 - Best of 3

(iii)    Round 8 - Best of 5

(iv)    Round 4 - Best of 7

(v)     Round 2 - Best of 9

(c)     Top four from the previous Singles Championship to be seeded and come into play on the Sunday at the 32 round draw.  To be seeded in the 32 draw position as follows:

(i)      First - 1

(ii)     Second - 17

(iii)    Third - 32

(iv)    Fourth - 16


2.     Life Membership

Life Membership for this Association SHALL be:

(a)     A maximum of one (1) Life Membership may be awarded annually.

(b)     The member SHALL be nominated by a member from another club.

(c)     Nominations SHALL be in writing to the secretary and only accepted at an Annual General Meeting of the Association.  If there is more than one nomination a ballot vote must be taken.

(d)     Life Membership nomination to be considered and a vote SHALL be taken by way of a ballot of which at least seventy five (75%) of members present and voting, vote in favour at a Special General Meeting held before/after the last Committee Meeting for that Winter Competition season.

(e)     Life Membership to be awarded in the same season nominated and presented at the Annual Presentation Ball with a Life Member Framed Certificate and a Bar & Pendant.

(f)      Playing members can only be nominated after thirty (30) years.

(g)     Executive members will become a Life Member automatically after ten (10) years of consecutive executive service.

(h)     Every year of service on the Executive will be worth three (3) years towards their Life Membership as a playing member, but will only count after three (3) years of Executive service.

Honorary Twenty Year Member after playing twenty (20) years as a playing member.  Recognition only.