Roles of the Committee of Management

(Office Bearers (Executive Committee) & Ordinary Members of the Committee)


 1.   President

 a.   The president serves the association; he does not rule over the association.

 b.   The president SHALL conform to the Constitution & By-Laws of the Association. The President is not above them and so nobody else is either!

 c.   The president should have a good understanding of the Constitution & By-Laws of the Association. So read them and ask if you don’t understand.

 d.   Should keep in touch with the other executive members ensuring that they are doing the jobs required of them and help them when needed.

 e.   Should use the vice president to help out with the jobs that need to be done.

 f. Should attend the Pool Victoria annual general meeting in January or at least one delegates meeting a year. Can always send the vice president in his place.


2.   Meetings

 a.   The president is the chairman and presides over all the meetings of the association and looks out for what is in the best interest of the association.

 b.   Must ensure that the members of the committee of management are elected at each annual general meeting of the association, not just the office bearers but the ordinary members of the committee as well.

 c.   Is to ensure the committee of management conform to the Constitution & By-Laws of the association.

 d. When a poll is taken on any issue the president should call for a mover and a seconder first, and then ask for 3 speakers for and against the motion before calling for a vote. If the topic is about an individual person or is sensitive a secret ballot should be taken in the best interest of the committee and association. The president should vote last if poll taken by a show of hands and has a casting vote if needed. If 2 or more people are nominated for a position on the committee they should be asked to leave the room until the discussion and vote has been taken.


3.   Association

 a.   Organises the trophies for the season with the help of the treasurer setting a budget. Don’t buy cheap plastic rubbish. First & second only and runners up should only be a medallion for summer and if not maybe a small trophy in winter. Summer competition have usually followed old tradition and brought plates.

 4.   End of Season

a. Organises the LV8BA vs. MG8BA game, and including organising medallions for the winners and perpetuals trophies updated. Only have to organise trophies and pay for them every second year as MG8BA pays and organises the other year.

Vice President

1.   Vice President

 a. Generally should be a person in training for the role to be president.

 b.   Plays a supports role for the president. Helps the president out with duties that need to be done that he can’t attend too.

 c. Should have a good understanding of the Constitution & By-Laws of the Association. So read them and ask if you don’t understand.

 d.   Will preside over sub-committees when needed (ie: Country Cup & Presentation Ball).


2.   Meetings

 a. Shall preside over meetings of the association if the president in unavailable.

 b. Plays a support role for the executive at meeting (ie helping scorer with score cards & treasurer with money).


 1.   Treasurer:

 a. Keeps an up to date record of the financial state of the association.

 b. Keeps a record of all transaction of the association.

 c. Sets a budget for the upcoming season. Is expected to know the expected expenses and income needed for the upcoming season.

 2.   Meetings:

 a. Supply an up to date report at each meeting of the leagues financial position. Copies should be made available for members to look at, but should not be left lying around after the meetings.

 b. Collect match fees and registrations at each committee meeting and bank as soon as is reasonable possible, itemising match fees from registrations also stating the rounds played (ie Match Fees Rnd 1-5) & (Registrations Rnd 1-5).

 c. Keep a running sheet with ledger accounts if applicable which should be part of the treasurer’s report at committee meetings as well as the final report for the annual general meeting.

 3.   Association Accounts:

 a. Itemise all transaction in the association account making it easier to look back and to understand what has gone on in the account. Fill out the stub on the cheque/deposit books properly.

 4.   End of Season:

 a. Makes and signs an end of year financial report for the Public Officer of the association to send to the government at each annual general meeting. Also includes the annual fee by cheque to the government.


 1.   Secretary

 a. Will type up any letters for the association and looks after all correspondence.

 b. Is in control of the sign-in book for all the meetings of the association.

 c. Typing up of all the meetings of the association including getting notices out to all members of the committee in time.

 d. Shall keep a registrar of members of the association. (Full name, address & phone no.).

 2.   Meetings

 a. Shall take notes of the minutes of all meetings of the association and type up properly and distributed to all members of the committee.

 b. The minutes of meeting taken should be detailed, showing all motions moved and by who and where necessary note the numbers in a poll taken.

 c. Needs to keep to the same format as the minutes that have been typed up over the last 30 years or so. This makes it easier for people to find things if they are all in the same format.

 d. Shall be in control of the sign-in book. The sign-in book shall have the office bearers named first and then the ordinary members of the committee’s team names and 2 member’s names noted down before each committee meeting takes place and also allows for visitors and non-committee members of the association to sign. If anyone attends a meeting of the association they must sign the book!

 e. Will get meeting (agenda) notice out as required by the constitution noting what needs to be discussed.

 3.   Association

 a. Organise the invitations for the life members for the annual presentation ball and have them out in plenty of time.

 b. Hand book (Rulebook) get ready for printing and should be out as early as possible in the season, so will need to start work on the book very early in the year. Will update all results every year and get ready new ads which he/she may have to seek help with getting the art work on the ads and new cover ready.

 4.   End of Season

 a. Finalise the folder for that year on the laptop. Ensure everything is there and finalised ie scores for the year including final results & rankings, all meetings held, complete registrations list, complete treasurers report ect.

 b. Files away all letters and correspondence in the storage folder for that year.

 c. Also files away copies of all the minutes of the meetings taken for that year in the meetings folder.


 1.   Scorer

 a. Is responsible for keeping all results of games played in the association.

 b. This includes getting the results from week to week and making them available to the members by the way of the web site, email and also the local newspaper The Express and Win News TV.

 c. Helps out and even organises the single competitions for the year.

 d. Provides results to the Country Cup Sub-Committee.

 2.   Meetings

 a. Will provide an up to date report on the results of the season to date at each meeting.

 b. Collects all the scorecards from all the teams in the association ensuring he/she has them all up to date at each meeting.

 c. After each monthly meeting of the association he/she will provide a rankings list for the members of the association.

 3.   Association

 a. Importantly after each monthly meeting he/she will provide the treasurer and secretary of the association with a list of the rankings in team order. This is for registration as no one can get missed by going off the latest rankings as has happened in the past.

 4.   End of Season

 a. Ensure all the results are in for the finals with scorecards filled out by both teams properly.

 b. Will do a final ranking list which is to be kept secret so that it can be announced who the winner of the gold jacket is at the annual presentation ball.

  Publicity Officer

 1.   Publicity Officer

 a. The main role of the publicity officer is to promote the sport of eight ball.

 b. It is also his/her role to gain sponsorship for the association either for the association handbook and or trophy sponsorship.

 c. The gaining of sponsorship should begin early in the year around February/March.

 d. Should hand out copies of the handbook to all the sponsors.

 e. When the association holds the country cup it is also his/her role to gain sponsorship for that event.

 2.   Meetings

 a. Report on his/her progress on promoting the sport as well as sponsorship.

 b. Report on any new sponsors encouraging members to use them, as they all want something for their sponsorship and rightfully so.

 3.   End of Season

 a. Ensure all sponsors have paid up and may be required to catch up with those that have not.

Public Officer

 a. Shall obtain a copy of the treasurer’s final report for the year at each annual general meeting and sending it off to the government body either by mail or using email. Must also organise the payment of the annual fee by cheque.

The Executive Committee members should work together for the best interest of the league and also for the game at all times. If a poll is taken by the Executive Committee members each member having one vote each with the president having the deciding vote. The president should vote last.

Ordinary Members of the Committee

 1.   Ordinary Member of the Committee

 a. Ordinary members of the committee are elected annually when a team applies for affiliation with the association. The ordinary members of the committee along with the office bearers make up what is known as the Committee of Management.

 b. The team applying for affiliation must list who the two members of their team will be who will for fill this role. These two team members must be accepted by the members of the association at the Annual General Meeting which is held annually.

 2.   Meetings

 a. The two ordinary members of the committee from each team as elected at the Annual General Meeting will represent their team at all committee meetings.

 b. They each have one voting right when it comes to voting on issues of the association as they represent their team at each meeting.

 c. Only one ordinary member of the committee from each team need attend a committee meeting of the association, though both ordinary members of the committee are preferable.

 d. They must sign the sign in book at each meeting under their team name which the secretary will have prepared for each meeting of the association.

 3.   Association

 a. The ordinary members of the committee role are an annual role and these members are expected to for fill this role for that duration until the conclusion of the next Annual General Meeting following unless there is a casual vacancy, see Constitution 22. Vacancies.

 b. Only at a general meeting of the association is it not necessary for either of the two ordinary members of the committee to attend, although any member from an affiliated team may attend and vote at these meetings (ie Annual General Meeting).

 4.   End of Season:

 a. Ordinary members of the committee cease to be a member of the committee at each Annual General Meeting of the Association. They are eligible for re-election if he/she wishes too.