The standard table for 8-ball use measures 7' x 3'6" with a height of between 2'10 1/2" - 2'11 1/2" from the floor to the cushion rail.  The cushions should be 1 3/8" from the playing surface.  The tables used in competition within the Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association Incorporated, SHALL be of a standard acceptable to the Executive using the above measurements as a guideline.

Cue Ball

The standard cue ball adopted by this Association to be used will be the red spotted cue ball. Home team will supply the cue ball. Penalty is loss of game or frames where used.  A cue ball (Plain) can be only used if the away captain agrees.


Each team consists of five (5) players.

Draw & Start Time

Draw of players must be made before 7 p.m.  Competing players must be named in the draw by Team Captains. Match’s to commence at 7p.m.


Winter Competition

(a) Winter Competition team captains to write teams in playing order on paper, then exchange to each other and write opposing teams on scoreboard.

(b) Each set will be of three (3) games.  Each match will be of five (5) sets.  The team winning at least three (3) sets being credited two (2) premiership points.

Summer Competition

(a) Summer Competition team captains shall meet and draw their players at random and write down in order of draw on the 'Summer Competition' scorecard.  Home teams being numbered A to E and away teams being numbered 1 to 5.

(b) The written order of play shall be followed with each player playing one (1) game against each given opponent at a time.  The team winning at least eight (8) games being credited two (2) premiership points.


The marker shall be appointed by both players. Home team SHALL mark the first (1) game then alternate in the suppling of the marker and a toss to be done for the first (1) break then alternated with the away team to call, unless otherwise written, e.g. ‘Summer Competition’.


All games if possible are to be played on the day and date as stipulated in the published draw.

(a) In the event of the late arrival of competing players, the defaulting player or players (unless agreed by both Captains) shall forfeit his/her match to his/her opponent, result then being three (3) games to nil (0), one (1) set to nil (0) against the defaulting player(s).

(b) Any games unfinished by a reasonable time on the day and date as stipulated in the published draw will have to be played on the same table at a time arranged by both Captains prior to Friday of the same week.

(c) Any teams on the ladder during the home/away season with the same points/frames, the team that was highest the previous week would be shown higher.

Registration & Match Fees

(a) Each competing player is to pay to his/her Team Captain all registration and match fees as set by the Committee.

(b) Team captains are responsible to pay the said monies to the Association Treasurer or a person nominated at the next Committee Meeting following games played.

Score Sheets

(a) Home teams are responsible to communicate scores to the elected scorer or a person nominated as directed by the Executive.

(b) Official score sheets are to be given to the Association scorer or a person nominated at the next Committee Meeting following games played.

(c) PENALTY for non-compliance:

i.     By the HOME team is loss of two Premiership points each for up to the first three (3) score sheets not handed in (Maximum loss of six Premiership Points per meeting).

ii.    By the HOME/AWAY team for all other score sheet not handed in is a $10-00 fine per score sheet.  All games and matches played on that date by the offending team and its opponent are to be credited to the ladder.


Match Forfeit

(a) Any team forfeiting their match shall not be awarded the fifthteen (15) frames and two (2) premiership points for that match. The opposition team shall be awarded the fifthteen (15) frames and two (2) premiership points for the forfeit; they will be also required to fill out their scorecard listing their players. All fees are to be paid as required by both teams.

Season Forfeit

(b) Any team that forfeit the season all their matches shall become a bye. No frames and no premiership points shall be awarded for all their matches. All previous matches are to be adjusted to reflex this as well as the rankings. All match fees are to be returned to those affected teams.

Emergency Players

A player may play for more than one (1) team over the Summer Competition as an emergency fill in player.

(a) They do not have to meet clearance requirements to change teams for the first three (3) games they play for any team.

(b) All ranking points acquired by a player shall stay with each team that the player has played for.

(c) They are only eligible to play finals for their regular team, not the team they are filling in for.


Any player wishing to transfer from one team to another during the course of a season MUST apply to the Executive in writing stating his/her reasons.

(a) No player will be granted a clearance to another team if he/she is under any financial obligation to the team he/she is seeking the clearance from.

(b) Application for clearance can only be via the L.V.E.B.A. “Official Clearance Form”. This form must be completed in full and be in the hands of the ASSOCIATION President or Secretary no less than twenty-four (24) hours before the match in which the player first wishes to play with the new team.

(c) No clearances will be considered after the completion of the first half of any season.

(d) A player may appeal to the ASSOCIATION if he/she believes that the clearance was refused without all relevant details having been heard, provided the clearance falls within the bounds of the above mentioned rules.

(e) Penalty for Playing Non Cleared Players:

Any team playing a player who is registered with another Team, and who has not been cleared by that team as per Association Rules (as described above) shall be disqualified from all games whilst playing that player.  i.e.  They shall lose all matches 15-5 to 0-0 (Summer Competition 15-0).

Match Protests

If a player feels the Umpire has made a mistake on interpretation, or lack of knowledge of the rules, he/she may lodge a protest.

(a) He/she MUST inform the Umpire and both Captains, at the time of the incident, but complete the game.  Captains should attempt to reach an agreement on the matter under consideration, and may agree to replay the frame.  If unable to come to agreement the Captain wishing to protest may do so on behalf of the player.

(b) All protests lodged (Rule 12. (a) or otherwise) MUST be in writing to the Secretary of the Association, within seventy two (72) hours accompanied by a $10.00 deposit which will be forfeited to the Association in the event of a protest being deemed frivolous by the Executive whose decision will be final.


At all times competing teams shall assist as far as may be possible or necessary in abiding with the rules as set down by the management or committee of each respective premises.  A breach of conduct by a member may be reported to the Executive, by writing to the Secretary within seventy two (72) hours of the alleged conduct.