Standard Block Warning

Please note that this block warning is in effect each and every time we play, just because it is not stated at the beginning of play don't assume that it does not apply, I can assure you that it does!

1. No Coaching of a Player is permitted during a frame.

2. No Food or Drink is allowed over the table.

3. Should a Dispute arise during the frame the Player must ask for the Head Adjudicator BEFORE THE NEXT SHOT IS PLAYED. Team Managers, other Squad Members and Spectators are not permitted to enter the Playing Area, unless requested to do so by the Head Adjudicator.

4. Players must retire to a neutral position upon finishing their visit to the table.

5. Time outs will only be granted at the Umpires Good Judgement.

6. No Photographs are to be taken with flash attachments, whilst ANY play is in progress. Offenders will have their cameras impounded until the conclusion of the National Championships.

7. Mobile Phones must be turned to VIBERATE or OFF; whilst in the playing venue.