Latrobe Valley Open Singles Championships

September 08, 2013




  • Please see above link for full draw. Only Paid Up entries were accepted.

  • All matches will be played at Turks Sports Bar, Traralgon. Sun 8th Sept.

  • Sign in from 10.00 - 10.15am. 

  • Anyone not signed in by 10:15 WILL BE REMOVED from the draw.

  • If players not present when called up for their allocated matches, they will have a 5 minute warning before being forfeited.

  • There is NO dress code aside from normal venue entry code.

  • The two losers from previous round MUST umpire the next match.



Entry Fee

There is an entry fee of $5.00 per player all entries are to the discretion of the Executive Committee and will be a first in first served basis all monies to be paid for the entry to be valid. (no exceptions)


Standard world rules shall apply.

L.V.E.B.A. Singles Championship

The Latrobe Valley Eight Ball Association Singles Championship is to be played annually with the following rules and conditions to apply:

(1)     Entry SHALL be open to all fully financial members of this Association.

(2)     Conditions for the Singles Championship shall be set by the Committee.  (Entry fee, venues, event nights/days and times, head adjudicator, etc.).  Organised by the Executive/Sub Committee.

(3)     If entries exceed for a 32 draw the Singles Championship will have a qualifying night to be held during the season on a Tuesday night and/or Wednesday if needed. The Singles Championship then, that being a 32 draw is to be held on the following Sunday.


(4) Qualifying

(a)     Entry fee will be set by the Committee and SHALL be payable before play.  No refund SHALL be payable unless a valid reason is given in writing to the secretary and only accepted after a vote taken by the Committee.

(b)     Play starts at 7pm, all players must be present or else they will forfeit their games with entry fee payable.

(c)     Draw and venue to be blind, any team venue can hold a qualifying night.

(d)     All entries to be given a week’s notice of venue where possible.

(e)     Each table to have (example five (5)) players playing each other once in a single frame format, the person with the highest number of frames qualifies.

(f)     There are a minimum of 28 qualifying places, depending on the number of qualifying entries will depend on the number that play and qualify on each table and also on the availability of venues.  Odd qualifying numbers may occur.

(g)     Any draws a single frames format play off to occur.


(5) Singles Championship

(a)     Singles Championship draw SHALL be a blind draw (except seeded players, see rule 5(c)), to be done on the day, start time as set by the Committee, any player not present by the start of play will forfeit their games and cannot be replaced.

(b)     Number of frames to be played each round as follows:

(i)       Round 32 - Best of 3

(ii)      Round 16 - Best of 3

(iii)     Round 8 - Best of 5

(iv)     Round 4 - Best of 7

(v)      Round 2 - Best of 9

(c)         Top four from the previous Singles Championship to be seeded and come into play on the Sunday at the 32 round draw.  To be seeded in the 32 draw position as follows with preference given for any byes:

(i)       First - 1

(ii)      Second - 17

(iii)     Third - 32

(iv)     Fourth - 16